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February 25th - March 3rd Tarotscopes

Blast that darned Mercury retrograde! I'm getting a late start on the Tarotscopes and for a moment I even considered not posting them. But then I kicked my butt into gear and said "no excuses"!! The first week of Merc retro always seems to be the hardest for me.. it just puts me in this blah feeling of not wanting to do all that much but veg out! Ok, actually I just want to be a lazy Lucy but that really doesn't help to accomplish much and then I end up kicking myself even harder to get motivated again. The funny thing is I actually took the time to get my workout done yesterday (which has been off and on again lately) and this morning I woke up early and went for a jog! So all is not completely lost! And I really enjoy when Mercury is retrograde about 2 weeks in since it seems like I usually end up finishing up projects and actually putting myself ahead of things for a change! I had meant to write something up about this retrograde cycle, and maybe I still will since we're only a day into it, but I know that there will be a lot of reflection that happens at this time with it being in Pisces about what we are going to want to create for ourselves on a deeper and more lasting level. I think this has to do with Saturn being retrograde as well! But anyways, before I keep blabbering on... enjoy this week's Tarotscopes!

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- With so many planets hanging out in your 12th house of loneliness right now, it's not surprising this card showed up! Things could be a little frustrating this week, especially if you don't want to face the music with things! Even if that means you need to let go of something you don't want to. "Duct tape" only fixes something so many times before you need to trash it! Try not to go at things completely alone though. You have the resources to get some good advice, you just need to actually take it! Allow yourself to let others in to help!

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- Your ruling planet Venus enters into your 11th house of hopes and dreams on Monday and Justice follows the Wheel of Fortune that you received last week! While you may not have come to any conclusions on where things are headed yet, you'll have plenty of discussions this week to see what the best course of action is. Someone that can be objective will help you to realize your wants and needs, and this may even come with a reconciliation if things had previously been strained! Just remember your part in things too and face your responsibilities if you want the best for everyone!

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)- It's time for you to get a break! Now that your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde in your 10th house of ambition you'll be able to see this week that you don't need to try and push things in order to get ahead! It's better if you're able to give fully of yourself rather than it being less because you're totally drained! Saturn's retrograde energy in your 6th house of routines has been showing you that what you're doing isn't bringing the results you really want. Take this week to re-group and make a new plan to bring about any changes you want!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- The week starts off with a Full Moon in Virgo, your 3rd house of thought, and with Mercury being retrograde in your 9th house of ideals, the connection between what you want and what you need are starting to become a LOT clearer! You might even realize that you already have it all and maybe your moody Cancer self just has been over-thinking things a little! (I'm a Cancer, so believe me, I can relate!) Even if you're feeling like you're not sure where things are headed, you're at least going to be content with where things are at for a little bit! It's the attitude of gratitude!

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- You could come across as the cowardly lion this week! The Virgo Full Moon may have given you pause to think that maybe you're just not "good enough". Or you might just not be ready to take the lead with things and face the responsibility of your actions! Whatever the scenario, just remember to stay realistic with what you want and don't let things get too far out of reach or you might need to take a whole new route if you delay your opportunities! Your faith will be tested this week, but as long as you are willing to stand strong, you'll be able to make it through!

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- Last week you took a good look at yourself and now that your planetary ruler Mercury is retrograde in your 7th house of relationships, this week it's all about where you stand with others! But you're going to need to be careful with how you approach things or you might come across as a little condescending! You might be thinking that you have the right way to go about things, but that doesn't mean everyone is going to agree with you or follow your lead. Don't alienate yourself if you're feeling stressed. Reach out to someone you trust if you need a heart to heart, or just to vent!

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)- The bonus of this card is that at least the troubling stuff is over with and now is a time to heal! With your ruling planet Venus newly moved into your 6th house of routines, you'll be able to see the truth in situations. Though with Mercury being retrograde there also, you might not be ready to let go of the past just yet and may be replaying situations over in your head AND heart! Don't wait for others to change or make attempts to put in their effort. Put faith in yourself in knowing you have the ability to move forward for something even better!

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)- You've been able to move past your emotions, maybe a little too well! And this week it seems like you could be out for blood! While it's great to have your eye on the prize, you don't need to use underhanded methods to get there. Especially if it involves those you care about! Things may seem like they are rapidly changing and you could be anxious to come to the finish line with it all! Make sure you're really wanting what you're trying to work towards. You don't want to realize that it wasn't and have any regrets! Sometimes there are no "take backs"!

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)- Be forewarned this week, you might need to draw those purse strings a little tighter! Responsibilities might feel like they're overpowering you and it could seem as though others are putting too many demands on you. Your ruling planet Jupiter is currently in your 7th house of relationships in Gemini and Gemini's ruler Mercury is retrograde in your 4th house of home and stability! If you feel domestic bliss is slipping away, don't take it out on others. Put your focus on what you can do to improve the situation. Now isn't the time to play the blame game, everyone has to do their fair share!

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- You've come to a sense of completion! But remember that just because one thing is ending, a new phase is about to begin! Your ruling planet Saturn is slow moving so it'll be a while before it changes sign, but if we look to the other planets, many are currently in your 3rd house of thought. You're confident in the choices you've been making and that you're headed in the right direction! The decisions you've made are definitely life changing, possibly even for others, but you have the confidence and support to see things through. You're looking at the future with wide eyed optimism!

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- With so many planets in your 2nd house of self-worth, it's a little easy to see how you would be so worried about what's going to happen next! Though you usually try not to burden others with your feelings, try not to take all the responsibility on yourself and let things get the better of you. Everything might not be completely in place yet, but they're at least starting to get better and the worst truly is over!  And besides it's all in a matter of perspective, right? There's no need to keep yourself in a place of hopelessness! Let yourself be the light in the darkness!

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- You might be feeling a sense of practicality this week. And since the majority of the planets are in your sign, along with Mercury being retrograde in your sign, you're utilizing this energy to bring about stability that's further motivated with your secondary ruling planet Jupiter being in your 4th house of security! Just don't overextend your efforts or you could find yourself burnt out before you get finished. And make sure the reasoning you're putting all this effort in for yourself and not because you're looking for approval from others. The recognition will come naturally by what you're able to achieve, not from unfulfilled promises!

I hope you enjoyed this week's Tarotscopes, even if the energy might be a little haywire the next week and weeks following! And if you's like a more in depth reading on how these energies will be affecting you, feel free to send me a message at facebook or my email!

Many Blessings and have a great week everyone!

Saturn Turns Retrograde

Saturn turns retrograde today at 12:02 PM EST making it's way back through Scorpio until July 8th 2013 when it turns direct and starts moving forward again. Most of us are pretty familiar with hearing when Mercury goes retrograde.. the dreaded "communications are jumbled" or "expect electronics to break" comes up quite often. But what does it mean when Saturn goes in "reverse"?

Those that have planets close to 11 degrees within Scorpio, or within the other water signs of Cancer or Pisces or earthy ruling sign of Capricorn, are most likely to feel this energy a little stronger. Saturn is the responsible one. He puts things in check. When your Saturn return happens at around 28-30 years old, and then again at 57-60, you start taking stock at where you are in your life and what you've accomplished. When Saturn goes retrograde, it's a little bit of the same thing. Just on a smaller scale! While Mercury can go retrograde 3-4 times a year for about 3 weeks, Saturn only goes retrograde once a year or right around 378 days for a stretch of 138 days! This give you the time to weed out what's working and what's not!

Saturn rules Capricorn, but is currently in the sign of Scorpio. Capricorn is an Earth sign, while Scorpio is a Water sign. Think about it in this instance.. the Grand Canyon (Earth) was carved out from the Colorado River (Water) and its tributaries in millions of years. Even though it took time, it is a site to behold! And that is what Saturn reminds us of. Sticking to our commitments and knowing that when the effort is put in we'll be rewarded greatly with the end result! The sign that Saturn is in shows us where we need to be aware of our karma, the rules that we place on ourselves, and where we best learn from our experiences. Being in Scorpio  we may feel as though we've lost a sense of ourselves or that we're needing to give over our control and give into the chaos! Scorpio is an intense and sensual sign and we are able to delve deep within ourselves to get to the heart of what we are wanting in our life, but it is with complete and total honesty without needing to feel that we have to deny ourselves of true happiness! That is not to say we would be selfish, but we will realize that our desires are not solely based on the wants and needs of others but what we are able to create with our own free will! So if you've felt that you just couldn't do something because someone else might not understand why you would want to or you're worried about how you might be perceived; do it! Do it for yourself! Otherwise, you may end up with some resentment or kicking yourself later for not ever taking the chance. It reminds me of the quote; "Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards." by Soren Kierkegaard.

Of course this energy will affect everyone differently since not everyone's charts are the same! But while Saturn is taking it's time to make us take a look at things, let's remember that the choices we make in the present are what will make a change in our future! These choices can be something that directly effect something 5 minutes, 5 months, or 5 years from now! But as long as we keep trying and persevere, we will be rewarded for our efforts however little or great they may be!

I hope the next few months give you the tenacity you need to bring about some long standing stability and that you're able to learn from the lessons Saturn is able to teach! If you would like me to take a more in depth look at how Saturn and the other planets are affecting you, please send me a message at facebook or my email and I'll be glad to help!

Take care!

February 18th - 24th Tarotscopes

"Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'"  ~Erich Fromm

With Valentine's freshly over a few days back and the flowers starting to droop a little, I noticed this article on Yahoo about how divorces pick up shortly after V-Day. At first I didn't give much thought to it, though I did give it a read and could understand the reasoning behind why people feel that such a day wrapped up in love could bring some renewed hope. Love is love though, and no special "holiday" is going to make a difference on whether or not something is going to help a doomed relationship. Ok, maybe doomed is too much; so how about failing?! But as I keep seeing relationship statuses changing, there must be some truth to it. However, I'm wondering if there was just TOO much pressure put on the day to have things be some magical fairy tale of everything is going to be better, that just didn't deliver and has crushed the hope of love? Oh my, here I am rambling on about love again... anyways.. Love ain't easy... nothing in life is! There's good days and bad days in any relationship, even the BEST ones. But it takes work! So before I keep on about love, enjoy this labor of love! Here's this week's Tarotscopes!!

Knight of Wands
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- While you're ready to take things in a new direction, you could be seeing an entirely new path emerging! Stick to what you know. You might have a slight delay with what you're trying to achieve, but you WILL get there! Emotions run strong this week and could have you feeling excited one minute and then like the whole world is crashing down the next. Your actions will be beneficial to many, even if they don't understand where you're coming from or are seeing the bigger picture. Have faith in your decisions. Stay strong and take a direct approach and you won't fail!

Wheel of Fortune
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- This week could start interesting as Saturn turns retrograde in your 7th house of relationships! One way or another, you feel like you saw things coming from a mile away and destiny is taking its course! Things may not have been going quite as what you had planned, but that's all about to change and this could really be a blessing in disguise. It'll be important to see things as they truly are and not make excuses for yourself or others. A new life is made available to you if you're willing to face your fears! Take responsibility for your decisions and turn the wheel!

The Sun reversed
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)- You could be a little frazzled this week as Saturn turns retrograde in your 6th house of routines and then your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday! You would like to stay optimistic, but your mind will be pulled in so many directions that you might be ready to just give up! Don't give up, but give IN! That is to say that things can't be what you want them to if you're not being honest with yourself or those around you. As long you follow your heart and intuition, it'll work out for the best. Just make sure it's what YOU really want!

Four of Cups
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- Your ruling "planet", the Moon, starts out the week in Gemini and your 12th house of reflection. And with Saturn turning retrograde in your 5th house of fun, you might be needing to take a deeper look at what you're trying to achieve! Maybe even tone down the fun time and take a more serious approach!  Even if things aren't happening the way you planned, it doesn't mean you should give up! Ask yourself WHY you are so determined to have things happen this way!? Allow others to give you their insight into your situation as well, you could be surprised at how helpful the advice can be!

Eight of Wands
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- As the Sun, your ruling planet, moves into Pisces at the start of the week and your 8th house of transformation, you're ready to make a change. And with Saturn turning retrograde in your 4th house of stability, this really will be long lasting and for the best! You will be receiving some unexpected advice but with Mercury turning retrograde later this week you'll need to sort out what is really beneficial in your goals. Don't allow yourself to become to anxious in making any immediate decisions. Take charge in what you want and allow the Universe to provide you with what you need!

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- You might be needing a little bit of appreciation or at least someone acknowledging what you contribute this week! With Saturn turning retrograde in your 3rd house of environment, this is the start of figuring out where you stand with things financially and how you feel about what you bring to the table. Sometimes you might feel as though you are overlooked because of the composure you uphold. It's ok to breakdown once in a while and accept that you need some help or that you don't have everything under control like you'd like it to appear to be! Having flaws is perfectly natural!

Knight of Pentacles reversed
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)- This week you'll really need to take a moment to stop and think about what you say or do or you might end up regretting it! Even if you think it's for the best, it could come out more sarcastic than you thought. Allow others to give you their opinion without giving the impression you've already figured it all out! Right now you're only faking it and don't know what's up from down! There's no reason to let yourself self destruct over your pride. You're going to need to open up to trusting others if you expect to get any results, unless you're looking to be a hermit!

Five of Cups
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 22)- Once again you're getting the "lucky" card, and for the 3rd week in a row you've had a Cups card... LOTS of emotional work going on for you. And with Saturn turning retrograde in your sign you're really seeing that your happiness can be determined by how you view your situation. Is the glass half empty or half full?! You may feel let down and your trust broken, but the best course of action is to forgive and move on. What's done is done and you don't need to dwell on it any longer or it'll only end up making you bitter and NOT better! Just remember “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  ~Winston Churchill

The Tower
Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)- Things definitely will be shaken up for you this week! And just because the tower is one of the more ominous looking cards, it doesn't mean it's necessarily something bad. It just means you need to take the energy of Saturn moving back through your 12th house of enlightenment and put it to good use! Really get to the heart of the matter and trust that things happen for a reason. Don't let things get you too worked up! You've got the optimism to see you through anything! Take a level headed approach and be willing to do the work necessary to achieve what you really want!

The Hanged Man reversed
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- Your faith could be tested this week with your ruling planet Saturn turning retrograde in your 11th house of hopes and dreams! Maybe last week wasn't enough of a push for you? It's time to really take an inward look with things. If you're not being true to yourself, how can you expect to be true to others and how can you expect them to give you the same in return? It's time to put things into motion, even if it's hard to see the end result as being positive. Just remember "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." ~Albert Einstein

Five of Pentacles
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- Things could be a little disheartening this week. You might be feeling as though you just can't find the good in anything! And for you, that's rather unexpected as you can usually see both sides of the spectrum! But you have to take the good with the bad, otherwise how would you know how good things really could be? Allow yourself to hold others accountable to the standards you set. You don't always have to be the one to compromise! Even if you are left with some disappointment, you'll only be making way for something better to fill the void!

Strength reversed
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- Even with the Sun moving into your sign early this week you might not be ready for the attention! And Saturn turning retrograde in your 9th house of philosophy has you taking a wide eyed approach to the world around you! It's important to rely on your own wisdom and not allow others to cloud your judgement or push you around to change your perception. Even if it means that you may lose someone near and dear, it's important to stand up for yourself and what you believe is right! Take things as they come and don't be too focused on making an immediate change.

Well hopefully Valentine's Day was a good one for you and you're not one dealing with the heartbreak that so many others currently are! But if you are having questions regarding your relationship or would like to know if a relationship is on the horizon, feel free to send me a message at facebook or my email and I'll be more than happy to take a look at things for you!!

Have a wonderful week!

February 11th - 17th Tarotscopes

Valentine's Day Butter Cookies
So this upcoming week is one that stands out for me... in many ways! I definitely tend to be a little busier than usual at this time. But it really has it's pluses and minuses. And rather than get too much into my take on love and relationships, because I tend to do that a lot anyways, and I'm sure it would go on and on; I would like to actually get to the Tarotscopes at some point! So I thought I would share this recipe for these super cute butter cookies! I ♥ butter cookies!!! I was definitely happy to find a new one to try, especially since it calls for raspberry extract. I usually use THIS one which calls for orange juice and I think that's what makes them so good, so I'm excited to see how the raspberry extract turns out!

While my husband does the cooking in the household, I'm the one that does the baking! Maybe it's my sweet tooth, or maybe it's because I like how baking is more exact and he's definitely a lot better with winging it! Which is one thing with our relationship that makes it work as long as it has; we're coming up on 18 years this year!! We both have our strengths and weaknesses with things but we really are able to work together to maintain a balance. Oh snap, I thought I wasn't going to get too much into relationships stuff.. but how can I help it with this lovey dovey holiday coming up?! A lot of the time I hear things like "How come I can't have him/her just do X?" or "Why don't they just see or understand things like I do?". And very simply, it's because everyone has their own thoughts and feelings about how to go about or approach things. You can NOT change a person who doesn't want to change, and you shouldn't feel that way about someone you really love anyways. You accept them wholeheartedly! But I'm already working on a post about this very subject, so before I get into it too much and make this intro any longer; enjoy some butter cookies and here's this coming week's Tarotscopes!!

Three of Pentacles
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- With so much emphasis currently in your 12th house of enlightenment, you could be waiting for some information to make a decision. And while you aren't sure if you should be happy about it or fear it, it is going to have you taking a new direction! Whether it's what you were expecting or you're needing to readjust, you are seeing that everything takes time and practice before you're really a master at something. You can't be #1 without putting in your dues! Keep yourself positively motivated this week and let any negativity come and go. You don't need to break yourself down to only build yourself up again.

The Empress
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- Something seems to be a little amiss in your life. With your ruling planet Venus in your 10th house a lot of attention is being put on your career. But you might be more caught up in what is going on in your home or family life! If you feel like you are relying on someone else too much to carry things, open up about your concerns. Alternatively, if you're feeling under appreciated, it's really important to discuss those feelings too so resentment doesn't come about! While this week may be a little back and forth emotionally, you'll be able to make things more stable if you take a more tender approach.

Seven of Swords
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)- As much as you'd like a break from things, you just can't seem to get it this week! With your ruling planet Mercury in your 10th house of career, you're feeling like you have way too much on your plate. And you're not willing to trust others to take some of the load of your shoulders! If you really need to go at it alone, divvy it up to either knocking out the most important things first, or do the easiest first. If you try to do it all at once, you'll end up missing out on some crucial information which will leave you more frustrated or even having you looking unreliable!

Two of Wands
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- Last week gave you caution to pause and this week you're seeing the options before you as being vast! ANYTHING can happen! And with being an emotional water sign, it's important to remember to stay fluid and change with your situations. Although you can sometimes move in a more sideways direction, just remember you still reach your destination even if the path isn't the straightest! Try to keep your anxiety in check and don't go changing your plans entirely just yet. Even if things need to be re-worked a little, your original plan will be able to manifest if given the time to do so!

The Fool
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- You're definitely letting the past go this week! And you won't be feeling as if you need the approval of others as the Sun finishes out it's time in your 7th house of partnerships before it changes sign on the 18th. Be ready to take things to a new level and understand that you are in charge of your happiness! Though things won't be changing all that much on the "outside", you're able to feel an immense change within yourself that has you more positive and feeling you're able to get the results you've been waiting for. What you choose to focus on will become what is!

Three of Wands Reversed
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- That pesky shadow period of Mercury retrograde must be getting to you already! If you're feeling like you're not ready to make any changes, don't! This week you'll just be questioning if it's really worth it. If you're going to have these doubts already, you're not ready to put in the effort to make things succeed which will only result in a failure. That will only end up creating even more problems in the long run if you aren't able to have the faith in yourself! You do need to realize that what you're looking to change won't be instantaneous and will take real work. Hang in there!

Queen of Cups Reversed
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)- Last week's Queen had your focus on more outward appearances and this week has it more inward, and still somewhat outward. Since your ruling planet Venus is still in your 5th house of fun and romance; this time you'll need to make sure you're not conforming your feelings or that you're giving in to any sort of peer pressure. If you're not being true to yourself others are going to see right through it and it'll leave everyone feeling annoyed! Allow yourself to open up about what you really think and feel and maybe even get an opinion from someone you really trust if you want to see another side of things.

Nine of Cups Reversed
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 22)- You might have received the "lucky" card last week, but with the "wish" card reversed this week; it seems like you need to really take a look at what you truly want. Your perception could be a little askew! Ask yourself if you're being self-centered with things? Are you trying to run away from a problem or situation thinking that if you could just start over that things would end up being better? Sometimes starting over can be a good thing, but other times it can just bring you back to the same place and a cycle begins. Look for the signs that are delaying you for good reason!

Ace of Cups
Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)- It looks like after last week's drama you've really been able to come full circle with what your ruling planet has been telling you! You might be feeling renewed emotionally and you're finally able to match your heart with what your head has been telling you. This Valentine's Day could even be the best you've ever had, and you're usually not one for the mushy stuff! However you can be sentimental in the way that you find connections in things that you love. You'll really be able to see how much you are loved and appreciated when you open up your heart!

The Devil
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- Oh Capricorn's what is this mess you've gotten in to?! And with your ruling planet turning retrograde next week, you need to take this time to listen to your intuition before things really start going in slow motion! It'll be important to just LET GO in a way too! As much as you would like to have some control in the situation, sometimes you can put too much restraint on things to where you aren't able to accept what's really going on. If you really want things to get better, you're going to need to give in and go with the flow.

Two of Pentacles
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- You could be feeling like you're losing some ground this week. And with the Sun finishing out it's time in your sign, you'll need to make sure you're not taking on too much if they payout isn't worth it in the long run. It might be tough to know where your focus is at, but you know you'll need to let things run their course so you can make a final decision. Once the balance is back in place you'll be able to move forward. Just don't let yourself become discouraged and you'll be able to find the happiness you're looking for.

The Hanged Man
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- Before the Sun moves into your sign next week joining your modern ruling planet Neptune, you'll feel this week slowing down. With your traditional ruling planet Jupiter in your 4th house of stability, you're ready to really figure out what it is you need to put your focus into to bring about the transformation that will have you grateful to the sacrifices you've had to make. While you might not have all the answers just yet, you're willing to allow yourself to receive more inspiration this week that will direct you to your higher purpose! You put your trust in the Universe to provide all you need!

Ok, so these are posting a little later than usual. It's been one heckuva weekend. But I hope you enjoyed this week's Tarotscopes -- heck send me any suggestions or comments you might have too! And as always if you'd like a reading, you can send me a message at facebook or my email.

Have a great week!!!

February 4th - 10th Tarotscopes

This has seriously been one crazy weekend!! I don't know about you all, but I have been working my butt off!! Literally too since I started back on my work out more regularly this week. Lemme tell ya, my legs have felt like jello all weekend; but in a good way! But it's all in what I'm wanting to create. I have now gone 3 weeks without a cigarette. It's still a struggle, but DEFINITELY getting easier! So getting healthier and being more creative, check and check!

We all have choices in what we want to create and what we're willing to deal with. Believe me, there's been times where I've thrown my hands up in the air and let the Universe take care of things.. it DOES work. Maybe not in the way I want or expect, but it does still work out how it needs to. Ok, I can't expect the Universe to log on and pay my bills; but let's not be silly about things! BUT I do know, if I want specific results with something I've got to be an active participant in creating that energy to manifest. You can't just say you want a job and not apply anywhere. You can't say that you want a boyfriend or girlfriend and then not meet people. You HAVE to take responsibility for the decisions and choices you make in life! So let's see what this week's Tarotscopes have in store and what energy we can expect to be working with!!

Radiant Rider-Waite Star Reversed
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- Last week your ruling planet Mars moved into Pisces and your 12th house of self-doubt, but also enlightenment. The 12th house can very much be like the Star. Even though this card is showing as reversed, there is still hope for the future. It just might be a little delayed or an obstacle might pop up, but you've got to keep going if you want to achieve success! Just because you can't see the end result in sight doesn't mean that things have failed, it just means you might need to take another direction with things or take a break from pushing yourself too hard! Stay positive!

Radiant Rider-Waite Three of Pentacles
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- The same day as Mars moved into Pisces, your ruling planet Venus had moved into Aquarius and your 10th house of career.  This card is showing the energy of these movements with the assistance you will receive from others, while you are able to rely on your own talents and abilities! You know your worth! But you might not have had the confidence to really put yourself out of your comfort zone. This is the time to really push your doubts aside and accept the help that others want to give you to make things better in your life! Don't let these opportunities pass you by!

Radiant Rider-Waite King of Swords
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)- Your ruling planet Mercury moves into Pisces on Tuesday and your 10th house of duty. This king is telling you to take authority, but also to be objective! You will intellectually be able to relate to others a little more easily, but you might not entirely understand the emotions behind their intentions. You'll still need to be careful your approach and the words you choose. You might also be feeling you've lost a sense of your purpose and that you need to put things back on track. As long as you're willing to do the work necessary, you'll be able to succeed.

Radiant Rider-Waite Death
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- Things might not be going quite as you had planned and maybe you're just trying to force them too hard. Take a moment to breathe and don't get too over emotional with how things are happening. Sometimes it can be easy to get too caught up in things and not notice the smaller details. Take this as a huge life stop sign! As much as you'd like to change things, if you create more problems in the long run you'll only be more frustrated! Like the change of the seasons and death, give into things right now and let the change happen more naturally.

Radiant Rider-Waite Six of Cups Reversed
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- This week you might be taking a step back. And it might not for the better! It's one thing to reminisce, but don't get stuck on ideals that won't end up going anywhere. What's in the past needs to stay there. That isn't to say that you can't learn from the lessons of the past, but you need to realize why things have turned the way they have and not make any excuses. Remember that the way that you see and remember things, might not be the same for others! You may need to open up about some insecurities that you are having about yourself.

Radiant Rider-Waite Ace of Wands
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- With Mercury moving into your 7th house of commitments on Tuesday, you could be wanting to take your inspiration of starting a business with someone into action! You will open up your opportunities to bring more focus on what you are able to create for yourself in a more long term sense of security. All you know is you're ready to get out of the humdrum routine you've been in and start bringing some excitement into your life! Just make sure that you don't try to talk yourself out of things by trying to be rational. You won't really know unless you try!

Radiant Rider-Waite Queen of Pentacles Reversed
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)- With your ruling planet Venus newly in your 5th house of fun, this queen is giving a warning to be aware of your financial obligations and don't worry so much about outward appearances! It's important to realize your self-worth and what you can contribute. Put more energy into a creative outlet to receive the attention you're seeking. It will bring the right people to you! You have a true eye for beauty, but remember that "Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.". While it is good to have a zest for life, there are still some boundaries to be careful with!

Radiant Rider-Waite 2 of Cups Reversed
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 22)- First I have to say that when I put this spread out, you received the "lucky card". That is the card that comes with every deck that just has some basic info on it. I akin it almost like a "joker".. not everyone uses this card, but I will post more about it eventually! Anyways.. as far as the reversed two of cups goes paired with this lucky card, it seems as though there is going to end up being a surprise within a relationship. Emotionally things may have been rocky, but you are starting to come to a better understanding. Communicate your needs and then let things take their course! Don't try to force things to change if you know they won't, you may just need to accept just what is. Celebrate the differences! Don't be hesitant if you are questioning your previous actions, it's ok to change your mind or admit that you've been wrong.

Radiant Rider-Waite Eight of Cups
Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)- With your ruling planet Jupiter in your 7th house of relationships this card is indicating you may be considering moving on from things that aren't working. That's not to say that a breakup or divorce is coming, but you're definitely tired of the way things have been and need a little more to feel a reason to stay committed. A thing to note on this card is the symbolism of the eclipse. The Moon is one of emotion while the Sun of action. You feel there is something emotionally missing from life and are needing to find your true happiness before life passes you by!

Radiant Rider-Waite Knight of Pentacles Reversed
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- This week you could just feel like the world is passing you by; that you are just going through the motions, taking orders and doing as your told. While you are able to be patient with things, there is a time when you need to question if things are worth waiting for or if you should move on and try for something else, this may be with a relationship or a career. It is about making a choice in whether you are willing to accept the responsibility of "moving up the ranks", but the decision will be yours to make! Have faith in your intuition!

Radiant Rider-Waite King of Pentacles
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- You are taking the Suns energy and putting it to good use this week as you feel a sense of ambition and renewal of commitment being put into action. You could even be juggling more than one task at the moment, so be careful you aren't over-exerting yourself to impress others! You don't want to be too preoccupied with responsibility that you create more burden than it's worth. If you need to accept some help you can be grateful in knowing others will have your back! Be joyful in your kingdom and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Others will be more than happy to join you!

Radiant Rider-Waite Page of Wands Reversed
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- It might be feeling like you're trying to get away from a problem that you just can't get away fast enough. But that's the thing, you can't run from your problems and you need to face things head on! Even if they aren't the most pleasant. And on another note, if something is unpleasant, that doesn't mean to act like an impetuous child either! If your concentration is frazzled, don't try to make any important decisions. You might not have all the facts straight anyways! You're being reminded to slow down a little and be cautious of who you trust. They might not have your best interests at heart.

And there we have it.. another week of Tarotscopes! Am I on a roll or what?! Ok, hopefully I didn't just jinx myself! As always if you'd like a reading, you can send me a message at facebook or my email. Hope you all enjoy Super Bowl Sunday! (For my overseas readers, you probably could care less.. kinda like me! I just like the commercials.)

Many Blessings and have a great week everyone!