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April 1st - 7th Tarotscopes

Happy Easter!!! Oh wait, April Fools! Well... depending on when you read this, it could be either! LOL! At first I thought I might find a pic of some cool eggs, but then I figured there probably had already been enough of them, and rabbits, flowers, etc.. And an April Fools pic would be alright, but probably not quite as cool. So then I thought of something that sorta looks like an egg.. ok, ok it's a ball and not oval, but I LOVE temari balls! They are absolutely stunning! I picked up making them as a hobby a few years back and haven't had time in a looong while to make any, but I wanted to share how pretty they were and maybe spur a search on them to see some of the neat designs that can be made into them! Once I get my shop up and running again I might just have to add some in there because weaving spellwork is one of my favorites to work with! Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and here is this upcoming weeks Tarotscopes! (Again, sorry I missed last week!)

Ace of Wands
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- This week seems to bring you a renewed zest for life! The Sun is almost half way through your sign and you're feeling the energy to take the initiative before you miss your chance. Monday also starts off with the Sun making an aspect to expansive Jupiter in your 3rd house of communication, so if you have something to express, this could also prove beneficial. Your ideas will bring about some good breakthroughs in ways you didn't think possible. Take this energy and run, don't walk, with it! If you really want to make some changes, now is the PERFECT time to do it!

Page of Swords
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- You might want to be careful that you don't find yourself being called out on something dishonest this week! Or that you don't get caught up in some sort of gossip! Either way, if you aren't careful, there could be some secrets that are brought to light. If you've felt as though you've compromised yourself, it's time to get back on the right path. Even if it takes a little time, recognize that it's better to live genuinely than a facade. If others can't accept you for who you are, you might need to take a look at whether you need them in your life.

Ten of Cups reversed
Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20)- If you're feeling like the ground is unstable this week, it might be better to just take a step back and see what you have to be grateful for and shift your focus. Your perception could be a little off and you might be making a mountain out of a mole hill! With your ruling planet Mercury in your 10th house of career, make sure that you aren't neglecting your nearest and dearest to try and get ahead. You're definitely in an emotionally rough patch and as much as you would like to have some recognition, money can't buy you love! Just take a deep breath for a moment!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- Unlike other signs where the ruling planet sticks around for weeks or months in a sign, you are ruled by the Moon which changes signs every 2.5 days! But even when change happens, it can throw you into a panic! KCCO! This week may bring about a rather large change, or it might be something that seems small at first, but will end up radically changing how you go about things for the long term. Being a water sign I'm reminded of this quote by Bruce Lee; "Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves."

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- Like Cancer, you are ruled by the other luminary, the Sun. But the Sun at least spends a month in each sign! And right now the Arian/Mars energy has you feeling that it's time to face the music and have the courage to let go of any fear. Don't be like the cowardly lion! The beneficial aspect occurring between the Sun and Jupiter in your 11th house of hopes and dreams on Monday will allow you to open yourself up to better choices. Even if you have to challenge yourself, you KNOW it will be for the best if you just take the first step!

Eight of Pentacles reversed
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- With your ruling planet Mercury in your 7th house of relationships, you might be feeling as though things have been a little "stuck in a rut" or maybe you're just lacking that passion you once had. It's going to take work to keep the spark going. And if too much emphasis is being put on the demands that come from every day life, than there may even be some resentment or or feelings of criticism that come to light! Take what you've learned already and adjust things to bring about change. Apply this quote to life this week; "Worry is like a rocking chair: It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere." ~Erma Bombeck

Six of Swords reversed
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 21)- On one side of the boat the water is smooth and on the other, the currents are stirring. As much as you'd like to be done with your voyage, there's still some time to make sure the "i's" are dotted and "t's" crossed! This week you'll need to make sure things are even more in order and that nothing has come up to steer you off course! With your ruling planet Venus in your 7th house of partnerships, make sure that any problems are met head on and that you aren't compromising too much or that you aren't being pushed aside with what you contribute! You deserve to be appreciated too!

Page of Pentacles
Scorpio (Oct 22 - Nov 21)- This week might give you some surprises that you have been working towards! You might even be able to share some news or make an announcement of your achievements. Finding a new way to go about things and a fresh perspective will keep you motivated to keep reaching for more. You might even find inspiration or creativity that has been eluding you lately! Just make sure you don't overwork yourself or you might be facing an early burnout. Take things in stride and do what you can to bring about the best of your abilities! You're sure to impress even the most difficult people in your life!

The Sun
Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)- Things seem to fall right into place this week for you! A goal you may have been pursuing for some time, even maybe struggled with, may finally be realized! You'll have a complete renewal in hope as you're able to rejoice in the success you achieve. Not one for much doom and gloom anyways, you usually seek to find the silver lining to any situation! But this week ends up being pure gold! That's not to say you can completely relax and take it easy. You'll need to keep up your momentum with things to continue this winning streak! But just enjoy these moments now while you can!

The Moon
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- You could be faced with a few "told ya so" moments this week. And if you see it coming from a mile away, you might want to do something about it before you let it cause you any pain and suffering. Your ruling planet Saturn is in it's retrograde period in your 11th house of hopes and dreams. Take a look at what you're really wanting and decide if you're being true to yourself with it or if you're just trying to talk yourself into something you know won't happen. Only you can decide what you're going to let influence your decisions and what you're willing to deal with!

The Empress
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- If you've been worrying unnecessarily, this could be the week that you see that things are going to be just fine. Even if they don't end up coming together completely, nothing usually happens instantaneously! You first have to crawl before you can walk! This very well may be letting you know that something new could be coming into your life. This could be a new job, relations, and possibly even a child! While there still will be some stress to deal with, you're still able to handle it with ease if you're able to listen to your intuition and let the Universe guide you!

Five of Wands reversed
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- Even if you're not wanting to be involved in conflict, it seems to find you this week! You know things need to change, but you might not even be sure of what step to take first; or if you should even be the one to take the first step! If you're standing in your own way of success, you'll need to figure out what it is you're really after. Making excuses or accepting others will only cause more frustration if no one is willing to take responsibility for their decisions! In the words of Sun Tzu. "If a battle cannot be won, do not fight it.".

And once again sorry these are a little late! I actually needed to finish up the last four signs from this morning and just got home about an hour ago from my Aunts house where I had stuffed shells, ham, and a bunch of other food I probably shouldn't of eaten! But it was a good time! So I plan on taking a little nap and then I will be available for readings! If you'd like me to take a look into things more in depth for you, send me a message at facebook or my email and I'd be more than happy too!!

Enjoy your week!
Many Blessings,

Freebie Friday!! 3 Card Daily Tarot Journal Page

Well, I missed Tarotscopes this week. But I'm pretty sure I had announced that I wouldn't be posting them on Twitter or Facebook, since I had so much going on! Actually... we have a bid in on a house!!!!! So I'm SUPER excited that we might finally have our own home.. for good. Or at least for a couple years since they say the first house you buy won't be your last. But we're hoping that it is because it's absolutely PERFECT! We shall see! Either way, it'll happen if it's supposed to. Now... I at least wanted to get this out to everyone as well! A FREEBIE! This is another spread that I like to use daily to take a look at what the day will bring. And that's usually how I word my intention with the spread!

The first card is the focus on the day. If it is a Pentacle, maybe this would be business or home related. If it is Cups; emotional or relationships. Wands can be creativity or communication and Swords may be a challenge or resistance to change. The way you interpret your cards is up to you of course!

The second card is the way you emotionally handle the day and how you'll feel about the way the day progresses.

The last card is how the day unfolds in the physical; what and how to expect things to happen!

I made two variations for this as well. The first one allows for a card sticker to be pasted; stay posted as I'm in the process of making that available!! The second one allows for you to either paste a sticker or draw your own card in the spot! I've also made these pages in the same jpg, pdf, and docx formats for easy download! So, enjoy this new journal page! There'll be more on the way soon and hopefully when the site gets re-vamped I'll have a whole section devoted to downloads!

Version one pdf and doc
Version two pdf and doc

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and if you celebrate Easter, have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Many Blessings!

March 18th - 24th Tarotscopes

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit
Ok, ok.. yes, these are a little late; especially for my readers on the other side of the world for sure!! It was bound to happen sooner or later. But in my defense, I haven't really been home all that much since we're embarking on the exciting adventure of buying a house! I've been through this once before, so I knew it was going to be a struggle to make sure everything stays on track. Especially because it's not just the fun stuff of going to look at houses, but all the dang paperwork that needs to happen too!!! Sooo, things may be a little late here and there in the next few weeks. I don't like to pre-write Tarotscopes since I think that sorta "deflates" the energy of things being more in the present! Sure I use astrology too and I can look ahead to see what's going on.. but my energy fluctuates just like anyone else so I like to make sure I can get things more in the NOW so that the energy is more consistent! Anyways.. that's just a what's up with me! And maybe my lame excuse. LOL! But here we go with the Tarotscopes!!

Three of Wands reversed
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- With the Sun getting ready to move into your sign on Wednesday you're feeling the anticipation with things, but since Mercury is coming out of it's retrograde and is still in a shadow period, you might be a little hesitant to step up to the plate! Make sure you have your ducks in a row so that you're able to get the most out of what you're wanting to achieve this week. Your ruling planet Mars teams up with Uranus on Friday and you'll be able to make a breakthrough with maybe your most unrealistic plans. Keep faith and put yourself out there!!

Ten of Cups
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- Many feel the 12th house is one of undoing, but being the last house; it is one of final outcome. And with the Sun and your ruling planet Venus moving into Aries, the start of the zodiac, and your 12th house this week, it is setting you up for your deepest hopes! Things might seem somewhat conflicting that you've been at this point before. But if things have gone off course, it's time to get it back on track! Even if that means you need to do some soul searching and fess up to your own insecurities and flaws! Face things head on and your dreams will come true!

Nine of Wands reversed
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)- While your ruling planet Mercury has now turned direct, it's not the time to go gung ho with things just yet! You might be underestimating circumstances this week. With the Sun and Venus moving into your 11th house of friendships and hope, you might be giving people the benefit of the doubt and this might cause more trouble than you anticipate! If you've given too much of yourself and feel like you aren't appreciated, it's time to say NO! Otherwise you have no one but yourself to blame for feeling that you're being taken advantage of! Standing up for yourself will bring the respect you want and deserve!

King of Pentacles reversed
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- Your career and how it affects your home life is going to be a major focus this week! Try not to become obsessed with figuring out how to balance it all or it will only frustrate you more and you won't end up accomplishing much at all! While it may seem overwhelming, you could be too focused on making things "perfect" or feeling like it all needs done NOW! Do what you can, the best that you can, and let things fall into place. Put your trust into things happen how they're supposed to and not always how you think they should. Don't be stubborn and ask for help if you need it!

Knight of Swords reversed
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- The Sun might be moving into your 9th house of philosophy, but that doesn't mean you need to force your ideals on to others this week! You might even end up eating your words if you aren't careful! Just because you might feel one way, doesn't mean you can't change your mind. It'll be important to exercise some patience this week because if you try to rush things you might cause others to feel like you're being selfish in your demands! If someone opens up to you, make sure to keep it to yourself! This may be a test in how much they can trust you!

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- Well... with the Sun and Venus moving into Aries and your 8th house of "death", this is somewhat fitting! The 8th house is not only death, but also of sharing, intimacy, and a number of other things so don't get too worried!! However, you can expect some changes to come about, most likely in your relationships as your ruling planet Mercury is in your 7th house and out of retrograde. At the beginning of retrograde you received the reversed Knight of Wands and felt things were on shaky ground. Realize that with sharing, it's give and take; not just one or the other! Compromise will be important, but don't give in completely!

Eight of Pentacles reversed
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)- Your ruling planet Venus is moving into 7th house territory and while it is a house of relationships, it can be that of romance OR business. It also can signify enemies! And because this card deals with "work", don't think of trying to cut any corners this week. At least, don't put the blame on others for what could be your own mistakes! Aries energy can be very dynamic, although maybe a little careless! Even if you end up with some criticism, take it constructively and move forward with it. Don't beat yourself up over it! You can't learn to ride a bike without falling off a few times!

Four of Pentacles
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)- The focus comes into your 6th house of routines this week and if you're feeling like you need to hold on to what you know, it might have you thinking you've been going about things in the wrong way. It's important to take risks! How else are you supposed to learn if you don't?! You'll need to work together with others though if you really want to be able to bring about the success that you're wanting! Now isn't the time to try and go at it alone. Even though it might leave you feeling emotionally vulnerable, you need to have encouragement and support!

Page of Cups
Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)- Emotionally you're going to feel pretty optimistic this week! You're usually a positive person anyways, but you'll be able to have a little more fun and could even help someone else get out of their "funk"! You might have a little bit of a revelation and feel like you're only doing things to get by and aren't really living your dreams! You want to live your life with as little regret as possible! Decide what you're willing to give up in your quest for success and what is really going to make you happy! Otherwise, life is going to keep passing on by!

Strength reversed
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- Your ruling planet Saturn is now a month into it's retrograde period.. only four more months to go! (Hope you caught that sarcasm!) And this week really is showing you that you need to rely on what you know. As much as you would like to see things objectively, you know if you ignore what's right in front of you it's only going to cause more heartache! You can't force things to be different. You have to allow yourself to accept the hurt in order to heal! Break down your defenses and give yourself the chance to let your emotions cleanse you!

Queen of Cups reversed
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- It might be hard to match up your thoughts with what you feel this week as the Sun and Venus moves into your 3rd house of thought. You'll need to make sure you're not conforming your feelings or that you're giving in to pressure from others. If you're not being true to yourself you'll only be questioning why they are in your life in the first place! Allow yourself to open up about what you really think and feel and if they can't understand where you're coming from, give things some space. Maybe even get a second opinion from someone you really trust if you want to see another perspective.

King of Wands
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- As the Sun and Venus move into your 2nd house of self-worth, you'll have a little more confidence in yourself! Just make sure it doesn't come across the wrong way. Even though you might have every right to give someone an "I told you so!". You need to start moving away from the things causing you the most burdens. Even if that means that it's done with tough love! You know it's important to do things for yourself and that you can't just please everyone else. You're definitely going to put more passion into what you're wanting this week. You could even surprise yourself with what you achieve!

Sorry again these ended up being a little late!! But better late than never, right?! And if you'd like a more in depth reading, feel free to send me a message at facebook or my email!

Many Blessings and have a great week everyone!

March 11th - 17th Tarotscopes

HALLELUJAH!! I am feeling soooooo much better! That was a really rough time. It wouldn't of been so bad just to have some sniffles, but it kept getting bad because the temperature was fluctuating so much and the pollen levels were ridiculously high! But the household is back on routine and the littlest one managed to escape without getting any of it! AND she's now managed to start "low crawling"!!!! Before she had reverse down pretty well, but now she's definitely getting a lot more mobile in a forward motion! EEK! And I'm sure you're probably wondering why I chose such a goofy image to use!? Well, I'm going to start juicing again more regularly since I felt so much better and... I've been bad. I fell off my non-smoking kick.. BUT I plan to get right back on the patches again and start from scratch! I know, who goes back to smoking while they're sick?! THIS crazy lady! Which makes me frustrated since now I know my workout is going to be suffering as well and my lungs are not going to be happy dealing with detoxing again! But that's the way it goes! And since I brought up juicing and it comes up regularly with some of my buddies... if you haven't seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.. you should!!! Ok enough crazy talk, or maybe Tarotscopes are crazy talk too?! Anyways.. here they are!! Enjoy!

Five of Swords
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- You could be feeling like you're on self destruct mode this week! And with your ruling planet Mars switching over into your sign on Tuesday, you'll want to be careful that you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Take a step back and try to put yourself in someone elses shoes! And don't be scrambling on where to place the blame; if the shoe fits, wear it! While you're ready to pick up the pieces and move on, just make sure you know the path before you cause yourself any unnecessary problems. You'll really need to walk the walk if you're talking the talk!

The Hermit
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- Things may have been moving in a new direction lately, but this week you're feeling a little bit like you might need to look to the past to make sure you're doing the right thing. This could possibly bring up some hurt feelings or may even help you to heal some of the hurt you are currently dealing with. Either way, you are still going to make some big changes in your life for the better! While you might want to take on a lot of the responsibility, don't feel as though this excuses you from having to connect with others in a genuine way.

Seven of Cups Reversed
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)- You're ready to give things another go! And the New Moon on Monday in your 10th house of ambition is giving you the motivation to let yourself be the light in the darkness. You know what it takes to get what you want and you're willing to make it happen! With your ruling planet Mercury going direct at the end of the week, you'll be able to appreciate the success from the hard work that you've put in! And if others have been making excuses and want to take credit from you, rest assured that you will be the one that gets noticed!

Three of Pentacles
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- Expect your focus to become a lot more defined for you this week with the New Moon starting off in your 9th house of wisdom. You're taking what you know and putting it to good use! Especially as Mars moves over into you 10th house of career on Tuesday! There could be some news that you weren't expecting to receive, but as long as you're able to adjust your perception you'll be able to make things work out to your benefit! If you're expecting this week to be easy going, you'll need to adjust to a quicker pace. Do what you can without burning yourself out!

The Emperor
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- Even the best king and queen needs some good counsel sometimes! And with so much emphasis in your 8th house of sharing, it'll be important this week to open up and get some assistance. But while it is good to get another perspective, make sure you stay true to your ideals! You can expect a great opportunity to come about or you might finally decide to give some plans a "go ahead" that will end up bringing you some great results! Your hard work and determination will benefit more than just you and others will be grateful for the abundance you've brought to them!

Nine of Cups Reversed
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- Things might not be going quite like you've been expecting and this week brings a set of challenges with your relationships. The problem may stem from trying to do the same old thing when trying to fix what's broke. And this might come by ignoring the situation all together! Before your ruling planet Mercury gets out of retrograde at the end of the week, you'll really take a look at what is best for your life. If you need a complete overhaul, you might need to put yourself out of your comfort zone and give up a little of your control. Make amends with others if you need to!

Temperance Reversed
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)- While there is an abundance of energy in your 6th house of routines, this week is going to be anything BUT routine! In fact, you  could be on a path of destruction if you aren't careful! You might end up with some instant gratification, but if you really are wanting something meaningful, you're going to need to have a little bit of self control and you're going to have to put in the effort and not be looking for any sort of shortcuts! It might seem like others are against you right now, but it's really just your attitude! The world doesn't owe you for the decisions you've made!

The High Priestess Reversed
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)- Be careful not to get caught up in anything too superficial this week! If you're looking for some sort of acceptance, find it WITHIN rather than externally. You might not get the support you're looking for if you're saying "yes" when you should be saying "no"! While it might be tough, try to keep your emotions a little under control. Others might not be willing to deal with your erratic feelings and it could cause unnecessary arguments if you think things need to be "all or nothing". Especially if they feel you aren't taking their wants and needs into consideration! It'll be really important to have some moderation with things!

Six of Pentacles
Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)- Abundance flows where gratitude grows! And this week you'll find yourself more than thankful for the changes that are happening! While Jupiter continues to hang out in your 7th house of relationships, many of the other planets are in your 4th house of stability. Being able to help others is something that comes easy to you. Sometimes even at the expense of your own needs or happiness! You're going to want to be sharing your good fortune with others and do what you can. And at the same time, you're naturally optimistic self will be bringing about more prosperity! This is going to be a win-win week for all involved!

Five of Cups
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- With the New Moon starting the week off in your 3rd house of thought you might be emotionally exhausted or feel at a sense of loss! You could be ready to give up at this point. Just remember tomorrow is always another day and if things REALLY are that bad than you need to take the steps to change the situation and NOT just give up, because giving up won't make any difference! Just because things didn't turn out how you thought doesn't mean you did things wrong. Things may be dark now, but just like the Moon grows, the light is on the way!

Six of Swords
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- This week has you feeling it's time to put the past behind you! Or at least stop dwelling on what you might have been able to have done differently. Because it's all in what you *think* the outcome might have turned out as and not what the current situation is anyways! Everyone has some troubling times, just be thankful that you've been able to see things for what they are and the adversity can finally come to an end. Balance will be restored and you'll be able to go with the flow. And by the end of the week you'll even be ready for a St. Patrick's Day party!

The Chariot
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- Even though the New Moon in your sign might be having you feeling like it's time to change your focus; the Sun is finishing out it's time in your sign before it moves into Aries next week and this card is reminding you to stay on track with your path so you can accomplish what you seek! Things might seem a little out of control, but when Mercury starts it's forward movement you'll be able to see that overcoming any obstacles will give you a greater sense of achievement in yourself! You know what you want, you just need to STICK WITH IT!

Well there we have it! I've managed to get back on track! I hope you enjoyed this week's Tarotscopes and if you'd like a reading, I'd be more than happy to take a look at things more in depth! Feel free to send me a message at facebook or my email!

Many Blessings and have a great week everyone!

Sorry.. no Tarotscopes this week!

At first I was like, oh I'll just get them done a little later than usual.. then it was ok, I just need to feel a little better so I can concentrate. But now I have come to terms that I'm sick and can NOT find the time to write them up and now that they're already a day late.. I just don't see the point in trying to get them finished up in a hurry! So, I'm taking a break this week so that I can HOPEFULLY start feeling better. It's been tough already dealing with sick kids and it finally caught up to me! I hope everyone is having a good week so far!!