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Celebrate Lammas - Harvest Your Abundance!

Happy Lammas!! Or Lughnasadh if that's what you like to celebrate! While usually I like to include a little bit of history on what the holidays mean, I'm just going to point you to my first post Celebrate Lammas ~ Count Your Blessings! where you can find out some more information (and goodies!) about it and give you a little cliff note version here. Lammas is the first of the three harvest celebrations; the other two being Mabon and Samhain. It is a cross-quarter holiday, halfway between the Summer Solstice (Litha) and the Autumnal Equinox (Mabon). On the Wheel of the Year, it is opposite Imbolc. While there's still plenty of time left in the growing season, this is a good time to make a blessing for further abundance to come into your life and to be grateful for what's already been achieved! This summer seemed to be a scorcher for a good part of the US.. I didn't notice it too much being in FL, but many of my friends in OH said it was either too hot or too rainy and they didn't get to enjoy the summer very much. But the cooler temps with bonfire get together's and the anticipation of getting the kiddos back into the routine of school is being welcomed! But since it's the cooler season now there is some GREAT gardening that can be done! So check out Vegetables and Herbs to Plant in August or I'm sure you can check the month of September too if you need some time to prepare, and also your USDA Hardiness Zone so you can better plan what you can plant as well! It's so wonderful when you're able to harvest your own food and you can feel a sense of accomplishment that comes from nurturing a plant while mother nature does her thing!

Now.. I'm sure you're wondering what's with the picture I used too! Maybe you saw it posted on my instagram or twitter account! It's the goody I'm including for this post! This is my Lammas Harvest Tarot Spread! And here's how it works... The layout itself is a basket! There are 6 cards to symbolize balance, service, home and domesticness, and responsibility. The number 6 in numerology also has ties to agriculture.. see how it all ties in!? Here is what each card represents...

Card #1 - Where I am at.. I received the Queen of Pentacles! I took this as a good sign that I'm making the right choices in my business decisions.

Card #2 - Where I need to have more focus.. I got The Shadow Side since I am using the Witches Tarot, but most know it as The Devil. I'll take that as a sign that I need to make sure that I don't lose sight of what's in front of me and get too wrapped up in my work!

Card #3 - Where will I find my strength.. With the Six of Pentacles I'm taking that to give as much as I receive!

Card #4 - The help I will receive unexpectedly.. Oh the Fool.. you just never know the potential that is there until you try something different!

Card #5 - What comes next.. The Emperor blesses me with a solid foundation from the experiences I've learned from!

Card #6 - The bountiful fruits of labor.. Celebration in my creativity and lasting friendships from sharing and caring! Fabulous success!!

Guess what.. I also have the printable available too!! So if you'd like to add it to your journal, here is the doc and pdf files you can download! Take some time to count your blessings and to think about what more you would like to accomplish before settling into the Winter slumber!

As always, if you'd like me to take a look at things for you with a reading I'd be more than happy to! Just send me a message at my email or facebook! Also.. if you missed my tweet earlier; I am currently offering a special of an hour worth of chat reading for $100!! This can be spread over multiple sessions!! I hope you're enjoying your week so far!! Only a couple more days til the weekend! Woo hoo!!!

Many Blessings!

July 29th - August 4th Tarotscopes

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Ok, ok.. so yes, I did miss last week's Tarotscopes! Grrrr... but I was getting a jumpstart on the first week in August's National Simplify your Life Week! Maybe I just unconsciously knew it was coming?! LOL! But I'm hoping this will keep me more organized! And who doesn't need some more organization and simplicity in their lives? Those who know me, know I have some quirky OCD tendencies.. I struggle with control quite a bit at times. Thankfully my husband keeps me more on an even keel and his optimistic Sagittarius self allows me to have faith that even when things seem like they're hitting a construction zone, that it won't last forever and to just ride things out! I've been able to give up a lot of the fear in things because no matter what, as long as you're doing the best you can and keep moving forward, that's all that matters. Be grateful for what you have and be grateful for the struggles that make you a better person!! If things were always easy, we wouldn't be able to learn from things, gain strength in our abilities, or have the faith that things really WILL get better! It really is a matter of perspective too.. Kinda reminds me of the pic I used on my Happily Ever After Someday post! But anyways.. before I start chattering about a dozen other things, definitely take a look at my Pinterest boards where you'll find everything from tarot and astrology recommendations to gardening, organizing, and any other stuff I find interesting! And here we go with this week's Tarotscopes!!

Aries - Ten of Wands Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- With your ruling planet Mars in your 4th house of security squaring off with Uranus in your sign on Wednesday, you might be feeling like all this work you're doing is getting you nowhere fast! You could see an unexpected turn of events working in your favor or you might just readjust your attitude at what it means to be successful. Either way, the work you are doing WILL make an impact, but slow and steady will bring you the results you want. Give yourself some slack and don't feel like you need to accomplish everything at once! There is no quick fix!

Taurus - Knight of Cups
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- Venus in your 5th house of romance makes a flowing aspect to potent Pluto in your 9th house of ideals on Tuesday! You'll need to make sure that you keep your heart and head in balance or you might be led astray. Be careful of anyone making promises you know they won't keep.. as much as you would like to believe them this time. If you feel the need to make a change, just make sure it's not a complete 180 and you're being something you're not. Stay true to yourself even if it means you will make someone else unhappy.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)- As your ruling planet Mercury is midway through it's movement in your 2nd house of finances, you're feeling like at a point where you need to adjust a little to make sure you're going in the right direction. Take time this week to go over your budget and organize your goals so that you can see things through. Now isn't the time to slack off or scrap your ideas for a completely new path! Even if things haven't manifested so that you can feel you are accomplishing what you've set out to do, you'll soon be able to see some movement that you're making the right choices!

Cancer - Three of Pentacles
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- The Moon moves it's way into your 11th house of hopes and dreams early Monday morning and with you feeling a push to do more with your career you might be giving back to your "community" or helping motivate your co-workers. This week may bring about some recognition for your skills and you might even see some financial rewards coming about as well! While it's fantastic that you're making your way in your career, don't forget to enjoy yourself or to be thankful for the ones in your life that are helping you achieve your goals! Keep up the great work and be proud!

Leo - The Sun
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- The Sun has now been in your sign for a full week and you're starting to have more optimism for yourself! At the end of the week as the Sun makes a trine to Uranus in your 9th house of visions you'll be able to see that the changes you've decided to make for yourself will leave you feeling more whole. This may concern your physical, mental, or emotional well-being, or even a balance between them! You've stepped out of your comfort zone and into the light! Take this chance to realize your deepest dreams and ride off into your sunset of happiness!

Virgo - Page of Cups
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- The 11th house can be one of revitalization and with your ruling planet Mercury making it's way through it and Venus currently in your sign, you might be feeling this week that you need to take a deeper look inside at what's going to make you happy. You may be confused at what your head is telling you; maybe you're feeling not good enough or that people would judge you. STOP IT! Your happiness is dependent on the choices you make for yourself, not by what others feel is best for you! Put your faith in your abilities and try not to rationalize things too much. Don't stand in your own way!

Libra - The Chariot
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)- Your ruling planet Venus in your 12th house of endings has 2 meetups this week that could affect you in a big way. First on Tuesday it trines Pluto in your 4th house of security and then Friday makes a sextile to Mars in your 10th house of career! You'll be looking for a new direction to bring about the work you've been wanting. This may be confusing if you've made little shifts to change, but it might just come down to needing a complete overhaul! Don't put too much blame on yourself if you feel you've failed your original goals, it's all a learning experience!

Scorpio - Two of Cups
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 22)- You'll be feeling a sense of common ground with others this week! And with Pluto in your 3rd house of communication aspecting with Venus in your 11th house of socializing on Tuesday, you might just find yourself where you've felt you've always needed to be! This acceptance gets to the core of your soul and the connections you'll build will carry over into a greater understanding of yourself and others. As Venus also makes an aspect to your traditional ruler Mars on Friday, you could find problems from the past being resolved and relationships will have a chance to be stronger than they've ever been!

Sagittarius - Death
Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)- You're probably still feeling the aspect that occurred yesterday between Venus in your 10th house of career and your ruling planet Jupiter in your 8th house of transformation. Take this week to really decide what it is you want to do with your life! This really can bring you into a whole new realm of living life to the fullest! You might need to adjust the way you think you need to go about things though and maybe even step out on a ledge to ask for help. If you truly want the change, you'll be able to make it happen, but it won't be easy... change rarely is!

Capricorn - Strength
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- The Sun in your 8th house of intimacy made a square to your ruling planet Saturn over the weekend and this week you might find yourself needing to stand strong with your convictions! You may have been having a tough time deciding how much to assert yourself, but with Venus in your 9th house of ideals aspecting Pluto in your sign on Tuesday, you'll know that it's for the best to be completely honest with what you want and need. Even if the obstacles are still standing in the way, you'll be able to hold out hope that you're making the right decisions for yourself.

Aquarius - Five of Pentacles
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- Things seem tough this week for you and as Mars in your 6th house of everyday life squares your ruling planet Uranus in your 3rd house of thought, you might be replaying past decisions over and over! You could be feeling like you missed your chance and are becoming frustrated as it seems like others have it easier than you. Reach out to someone for some guidance or understanding even if it just seems like you're complaining or venting! While you're not usually very emotional, you're allowed to be overwhelmed and have a bad day like everyone else! You'll have the support you need!

Pisces - Queen of Swords
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- You might have a little bit of anxiety this week. It could just be that you're over thinking whether you're going about the right way in your projects or if others are going to think that you really know what you're doing causing you to have doubt in yourself! Take a deep breath and allow yourself to see that you don't have to relinquish your responsibilities on to someone else. You KNOW you are capable, but if you let others break you down, you could end up losing your cool and jeopardize your reputation. Have faith that you can persevere through any adversity!

Alrighty so thankfully I got these taken care of this week! But definitely keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for some updates I'll be making, or just follow my Pinterest account since I plan on putting quite a bit of things on there!! I've got other plans too but we'll see how far I get! LOL! So I hope you enjoyed this week's Tarotscopes! And if you'd like me to take a look at things for ya, send me a quick message at my email or facebook and I'll be glad to!

Have a great week!!!

July 15th - 21st Tarotscopes

OMG what a week we have coming up!! Uranus is going retrograde, there's a Grand Water Trine, Mercury is going direct; and next week looks just as dynamic but I'll save that for later!! There's probably a lot I could say right now after this crazy weekend.. but I'm sure that the majority of you have facebook and have seen enough commenting on the Zimmerman case that you're probably more than frustrated by it as with the commenting that took place at election time. So rather than throw my $.02 in on the subject, I'd rather put my focus into LOVE. Because that's more important and we need to STOP trying to prove who's right and wrong and START allowing everyone to have their own opinions, whether or not we agree with them. It's OK to not see eye to eye on every little thing. It doesn't mean you have to completely eradicate someone from your life just because they don't share the same feeling as you do. EVERYTHING has become so black and white that it's ridiculous! I mean how many colors do we have?! Blue isn't just blue even.. there's aquamarine, turquoise, navy blue, royal blue, etc. We need to STOP being so nitpicky and just LOVE. Give peace and forgiveness to others, let go of fear and judgement, and put our trust in that we can do what's right for ourselves and leave the rest to the Universe to figure out. Maybe some of you will agree with me and maybe not, but I'll still love y'all anyways!! Anyways, I've decided to go back to having all upright cards.. I'm not sure if I gave them a fair shot the first time around so I might keep them this way for a couple weeks. Send me a message or comment with what you think is better.. upright or having reversed included! Alrighty.. on to the Tarotscopes!!!

Aries - Two of Wands
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- Your ruling planet Mars moved into Cancer over the weekend and now you're feeling like you have a new chance at making things more stable for yourself. A new job or move may be on the horizon and you could be questioning whether or not it is the right decision for you. Take the time to weigh out your pros and cons to your situations. If there have been problems with others you'll be able to sort through your differences and come to a resolution. You'll find your way, don't feel the need to rush anything and the answers will come to you shortly!

Taurus - Two of Cups
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- You'll be able to work well with others this week, but you'll need to be careful that you don't compromise yourself to the point that you are resentful. If you've had some financial difficulties, you could find some assistance from someone else; though it wouldn't be monetary, they would lead you in the right direction to achieve stability for yourself. Try to reflect inward on what you are needing to find a balance between your wants and needs so that they may be manifested outward. It's time to let go of any doubt and fear you have of being successful!

Gemini - Star
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)- As your ruling planet Mercury's retrograde period comes to an end on Saturday, you'll be feeling the need to put a little more faith in yourself. Look to your intuition to find the best path to achieve your goals, it's time to put in the work that's needed and with this work will bring about a greater sense of pride and accomplishment! Stand strong against any naysayers and put your belief in your abilities.You may have let your inspiration or passion slide a little, but you'll soon be feeling re-energized and true friends will be encouraging you to dream big!

Cancer - Ace of Pentacles
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- This is the last week the Sun is in your sign before it glides over into Leo and your 2nd house of finances! You've been able to put in a LOT of work and this week has you pushing for more and what you are doing now is setting you up for more prosperity in the future! STICK WITH IT! You may be feeling weary from the work, but since Mars moved into your sign over the weekend, you may have a fire burning inside and getting a second wind! The stability that you are seeking is just around the corner! Work hard now and play hard later!

Leo - Two of Swords
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- The Sun is in your 12th house of endings and soon will be moving into your sign, but this week you are feeling like you're just stuck with not knowing which way to turn. You'll need to decide what is the best course of action and not try and put the responsibilities on someone else. This is YOUR time to start making a move and face reality! Even if some unexpected problems come about it doesn't mean the world is over. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on! You'll need to take chances if you expect things to change.

Virgo - Seven of Swords
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- Your ruling planet Mercury is coming to the end of it's retrograde on Saturday and for the good part of the week you'll be feeling like you're scrambling to finish up any projects you've left unattended. There may be some tension you face, but you could be getting some unexpected assistance from someone you didn't even consider. Try and cut yourself some slack if you aren't able to meet all the demands you're putting on yourself. You don't want to rush yourself and have to go back and re-do any previous work.While you know you didn't accomplish what you set out to do, it doesn't mean you don't have the time to get it done!

Libra - Queen of Cups
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)- You may have been trying to meet the needs of your community as your ruling planet Venus has been in your 11th house of friendships, but she's gearing up to change signs at the beginning of next week where you'll have a more realistic attitude as to what you can give to others. Your focus will begin to shift more this week and what it is you want for yourself. This may have others frustrated that you aren't giving them the attention that you had. While it may be tough to find your balance, allow your intuition to guide you in making your decisions.

Scorpio - Five of Swords
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 22)- The Grand Trine will be affecting you in a big way with Saturn in your sign trining Neptune in your 5th house of romance and Jupiter in your 9th house of ideals. But you'll need to be careful and realize you don't have all the answers. It's good to have a sense of integrity, but it doesn't mean that other's decisions need to meet your expectations. Pick your battles wisely! You may have to give something up in order to get what you're looking for but if you've been down this road before, others could question your intentions! What you decide now will affect you in the long run!

Sagittarius - Eight of Pentacles
Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)- With your ruling planet Jupiter in your 8th house of transformation involved in the Grand Trine with Neptune in your 4th house of stability and Saturn in your 12th house of faith, you'll be having a renewed sense of "I CAN DO IT" this week! Of course you know this comes from hard work and you're feeling inspired to put your focus in what makes you happiest. This may be a complete career overhaul if you've felt stuck in a rut! But your change in attitude will allow you to see the bigger picture and that practice makes perfect and with practice it becomes a stable routine!

Capricorn - Knight of Cups
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- Your ruling planet Saturn is reminding you to believe in your dreams as it's involvement in the Grand Trine to Neptune in your 3rd house of thought and Jupiter in your 7th house of relationships you'll be re-evaluating what you need to be happy in your commitments. It's time to let go of any control you are feeling and adjust your perception to your reality. This may bring about a complete new change in your life, but it really will be for the better! If you're ready for happiness you'll need to face the struggles that have been causing the delay, even if it has been your own stubbornness!

Aquarius - Three of Pentacles
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- Things may feel as though they are shaping up to bring big changes! And with your ruling planet Uranus going into retrograde on Wednesday you might think that you've been giving too much to others and not enough to yourself. After all, your sign is humanitarian! You'll be expecting some recognition and may be a little pushy if you don't feel you are getting it. Take a step back and realize that the appreciation is there and will be acknowledged at the right time. You know that giving to other's brings you the greatest sense of unity, but sometimes it is good to put some energy back into your own well-being!

Pisces - Four of Pentacles
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- You'll be feeling the effects of the Grand Trine with your ruling planet Neptune in your sign making aspects to Jupiter in your 5th house of fun and Saturn in your 9th house of philosophy you could be feeling like you've outgrown your ideals of prosperity. Your focus will be put into being more confident in what you can contribute rather than what you need to hold on to for yourself! Share your knowledge and allow others to bring their experiences to you to gain more understanding. Allow your creative nature to come about in letting you enjoy more of what life has to offer instead of being concerned with monetary gains.

Alrighty so these are a little later than last week's. The last week of Mercury retrograde is always one that does me in when it comes to writing and I had 2 other projects that were due as well so unfortunately I had to focus on them a little harder than usual! But hey, what can you do?! So I hope you enjoyed this week's Tarotscopes! And if you'd like me to take a look at things for ya, send me a quick message at my email or facebook and I'll be glad to!

Have a great week!!!

July 8th - 14th Tarotscopes

I wasn't sure of what I was going to focus on for sure for this week's intro.. But I had thought about that I had watched Life of Pi and thought I would somehow incorporate the underlying message of it. Then I remembered that Ramadan begins on Tuesday! No I am not Muslim, but I do have friends that are. But I did like how in Life of Pi he identified himself as a Hindu, Catholic and Muslim! I could relate; as while I do lean more towards Paganism, I do consider myself Spiritual, and having grown up in both a Catholic and Baptist family; I believe in Jesus as well!

Ramadan consists of fasting for a month from dawn until sunset every day. During the daylight hours, Muslims refrain from consuming food and drinks, smoking, engaging in sex; and some even try not swear or get into arguments. Fasting is to help you to renew your body and mind and to deepen your awareness of the spirit within you, redirecting yourself from everyday activities and cleansing your soul from imperfections. Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and how to better your self-discipline and self-control, to understand sacrifice, to have empathy and to encourage generosity to others who are less fortunate. Sounds very much like the Catholic Lent, though Lent is a little longer! And while as I said, I am not Muslim.. I think that since this New Moon is in Cancer, which is a time of new beginnings, I am going to partake in my own fast and see what I am able to reflect and learn from! I'll try and share as much as I can of my fast! But for now, it's time to share these Tarotscopes!!

Aries - Death reversed
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- With the Cancer New Moon occurring in your 4th house of stability, you may be a little hesitant at the change that is coming and could wish you had a shell, or mountain top, where you could hide! Take the time to re-evaluate where this change is needed most and let your fears go. What has troubled you in the past no longer serves a purpose or gives you an excuse! Going in a new direction with things will bring about the support that you are looking for, even if it seems like you can't see the forest through the trees!

Taurus - Two of Cups
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- Since your ruling planet Venus has been in playful Leo and your 4th house of domestic life, you've had a sense of bliss! And this week really looks like it will bring you some more harmony! If you've needed a reconciliation, with the sensitive Cancer New Moon in your 3rd house of communication, now would be a good time to approach them. Whether you are in a relationship, dating, or are trying to work with others in your career; finding a common ground in things will be more easier at this time. Stand by your passion and see the good you will be rewarded with!

Gemini - Two of Wands reversed
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)- Your ruling planet Mercury is still retrograde for almost another two weeks! If you're frustrated that things haven't been able to go how you expected, or you're doubting yourself to be able to pull things off, take a step back and a deep breath! You'll need to be careful that you don't get into any arguments this week, or it might be blown out of proportion. With so much energy in your 2nd house of finances and self-worth, you could feel that a new career direction is needed. Decide what is really going to make you happiest and go for it when Mercury starts moving forward!

Cancer - Judgement
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- The New Moon in your sign definitely will be bringing focus to a new beginning! You're ready to put the past behind you and start fresh... even if you know there's still a lot of work to be done! Any inner conflicts and doubt that you've had will be cast aside. While you may have been frustrated and feeling as though the work you have been doing has been unappreciated, others will be showing you just how grateful they are to have you in their lives! Putting the trust in yourself and trusting your instincts will bring you far this week! Life is "looking up"!

Leo - Three of Wands reversed
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- You'll need to be careful this week that you don't give up on your goals. With so much focus in your 12th house of endings, you might be feeling your expectations are too high or that you won't be able to meet the demands to make things come about. Don't make excuses and keep the faith that if you keep with it, you'll be able to succeed! You may feel like you can't reach out to others for help, but you won't know if you don't ask! Put aside your pride and give yourself over to the Universe to provide some smooth sailing!

Virgo - Page of Wands reversed
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- Like Gemini, your ruling planet Mercury is still retrograde. But for you, this is through your 11th house of friendships. You could receive some bad news or be subject to some negative gossip this week! Try not to let it get the better of you. You don't want to lash out and make the situation worse than it is! You may be questioning your role in life if your career dreams haven't manifested. If you've put yourself on the back burner, you may see this as the time to take come control for more success! It won't come easy, but you're willing to work for it!

Libra - Five of Wands
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)- You might be feeling like others are standing in your way this week, or that you're needing to compromise more than your fair share as your ruling planet Venus is still in your 11th house of hopes and dreams. You'll need to be willing to open yourself up to other points of view. Even if you're able to meet complications head on, you might be better to take the higher road rather than trying to prove who's "right". Others assumptions of you may be off. Keep your priorities in check so that you'll be seen for who you really are!

Scorpio - Knight of Wands reversed
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 22)- Things may be changing at a rapid pace around you, but you'll still need to have some patience to keep your inner peace and balance! This week you'll need to be careful not to let your frustrations get the better of you and take them out on others. The New Moon in your 9th house of discovery has you questioning whether you're seeing things clearly and if the decisions you've made have been right. Wait until the 20th when Mercury goes direct before coming to any conclusions if things need to change any more than they have! Rely on your intuition more than trying to rationalizing anything at this point!

Sagittarius - High Priestess
Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)- The New Moon in your 8th house of sharing is opening you up to putting your trust in others. Just like yin/yang and the ebb and flow of the tides, you need to find a balance within yourself and being able to question what you hold as truth. You might not receive all the answers this week, but being able to see that change is needed will be the first step in allowing yourself to accept it. With your ruling planet Jupiter also residing in the 8th house currently, your optimism shines forth that you'll be able to stick with your commitments to change for the better!

Capricorn - Chariot
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- Your ruling planet Saturn finally has turned direct after 6 months of being retrograde! And you're ready to move forward yourself! And with the New Moon in your 7th house of relationships, this week could bring a lot of focus to your love life. If you've held back your feelings, you might be ready to share them or if you have and are feeling like things have just been "stuck", you may be ready to move on from the situation. While this still can hurt, you know that you are wanting stability that is long lasting. You'll see that you CAN do it, you just need to stand up for yourself!

Aquarius - Four of Swords reversed
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- While you may feel that you haven't had a break, it doesn't mean to use it as an excuse to keep from being responsible! The New Moon in your 6th house of routines will be shaking you to the core to show you that you need to do what is necessary to get the results you're wanting. You can't place the blame on anyone else, even if it seems unfair! Things may be a little frustrating if you aren't directing your focus on the greater good and are only focused on yourself. Try not to withdraw and lessen any resentment by allowing others to assist you in getting things back on track!

Pisces - King of Pentacles reversed
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- With the stingy Cancer New Moon in your 5th house of fun, you might be questioning if you can afford it. Take it easy and quit stressing so much!! If it's that much of a concern, focus on some things that are fun that don't require a lot of money that will still create memories; a picnic in the park, a window "shopping" stroll through antique stores, etc. The key this week is just to relax! If you've felt like you've been spinning your wheels trying to get ahead, put on the brakes, you won't get anywhere fast if you're losing sight at what to be thankful for with what's already in front of you!

So, these TOTALLY would have been posted yesterday... but I think my hubby jinxed us! We were both so on track and ahead of schedule with things and then BAM, we lose power for 4 hours!! To which part of what I had typed and THOUGHT I had saved (darn Merc retro), got lost! But oh well, what can ya do!? Just gotta go with the flow! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this week's #Tarotscopes and if you would like a reading, please send me a message at my email or facebook!

Have a great week and Many Blessings!!

July 1st - 7th Tarotscopes

St. Petersburg FL fireworks
St. Petersburg, FL 4th of July fireworks
My birthday was last week... and I honestly had every intention of getting Tarotscopes done! Hell, I even had the majority of the post done and laid out but didn't end up finishing it and I took it a little easy instead. Whoops!! Well actually if you're on my Twitter or Facebook you'll know I was scraping, sanding, and texturing drywall! Hey, life gets crazy sometimes.. and OMG JULY is here! Which means the year is almost half over!! Where does the time go?! Before we know it kids will be back in school... not my kids, because we homeschool year round.. I know, that's just evil isn't it?! LOL! But if you do have children that are of school age and you haven't seen the documentary Bully (which I watched last week finally!), you should REALLY check it out. There were so many times in the show that I just wanted to cry or just would be so frustrated with the responses from the officials. It's truly a horrible situation. I know, because I've been there. And while I know it has shaped who I've become, I know it wasn't right either. Bullying doesn't just happen in school though. It happens in the workplace and within families too! While it would be wonderful for a perfect utopia for everyone to love one another and get along, it isn't very realistic.. but tolerance and compassion is. You don't have to completely 100% agree with someone.. the world would be pretty boring if it was that way anyways!! But you don't need to purposely be an as$#ole either! And while I could continue going on about how bullying is wrong, among many other things that are a plight in this world.. I'll stop here and get going on these Tarotscopes! And hopefully some positivity!

Aries - Queen of Wands reversed
Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)- With your ruling planet Mars is in your 3rd house of environment and Mercury currently retrograde in your 4th house of security, you might be feeling like you need to think about what is going to make you feel more stable this week. If feel like others are letting you down, you might need to make sure your expectations can even be met! You could even feel as though you're failing, but everything takes a learning curve. Just don't over think things and let your emotions overtake you! Allow others to give you some sound advice and open yourself up to the help they're willing to assist with!

Taurus - Emperor
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)- Venus recently moved into Leo last Thursday and your 4th house of home life giving you the feeling that you need to put a little more love into what matters most. You may need to take a step back in trying to force your way, but that Leo energy might make that a little tough! Give yourself a break if you feel you need to, you don't have to feel like things are a competition. Enjoy what you have and feel gratitude with what you can contribute! Focus more on what is already available to you and the success you are looking for will come about!

Gemini - Seven of Swords
Gemini (May 21 - June 20)- Be careful you aren't your own worst enemy this week! As Mercury, your ruling planet, is now in retrograde in your 2nd house of self-worth you could be feeling like someone owes you or that you haven't been good enough. But that doesn't mean you should manipulate situations! You'll need to really think about the battles you choose to fight and if the outcome is worth it. While you might want to prove yourself, look inside at what is causing the emotional struggle before taking it to others. When you can find forgiveness within yourself, you can get the answers and peace you are looking for.

Cancer - Ten of Wands
Cancer (June 21 - July 22)- Now that jovial Jupiter is in your sign, you'd think that life would be a lot less stressful. But with the week's Moon starting off in Aries you might think it's time to push things more into high gear and that energy could lead to some overachieving! While success is in your sights, you need to be careful you aren't stretching yourself too thin. Put your energy into what's most important and stick to the main tasks at hand. Even though you're forcing yourself to push on, remember to actually ENJOY some time away from work.. it's why you're working so hard in the first place!

Leo - Eight of Cups reversed
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)- The times are a changing... and it might not seem like it's completely for the better yet, but give things some more time. Retrograding Mercury along with your ruling Sun is in your 12th house of endings and will be moving into your sign soon enough. Take this time to really think about where you're headed, you don't want to end up having regrets or the woulda, coulda, shoulda feeling! Even if you aren't sure of what's right in front of you, be open to the experience and look at things from different perspectives. Things don't always have to be set in stone for a new direction to happen!

Virgo - Knight of Pentacles
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)- You might be questioning yourself this week what will really make you happy. And with your ruling planet Mercury being retrograde in your 11th house of hopes and dreams in homebody Cancer, this may come about in deciding to make your own business or work at home aspirations come true! Re-evaluating your ideas of prosperity might be a focus for you as well and you could be seeing that implementing a budget could be the change that you need to put you on the right track to financial security! Stick to what you know and the results you desire will come about with some determination!

Libra - Ace of Wands reversed
Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)- Now that your ruling planet Venus is in Leo, you're raring to go! But this week throws you a little bit of a curve ball. New ideas you had seem to be falling through left and right. You might be trying to put the blame all on others, but could be failing to see your part in things. It may have just been that you put your trust in the wrong place. You need to move past your usual way of dealing with things. Others might be less than understanding, try not to create more problems and let things go for now. Brighter days are on the horizon.

Scorpio - Seven of Wands
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 22)- You'll need to stay vigilant with the progress you're making, even if you're feeling at the edge of a cliff! The changes you've been making really have been for the better, though you might not be completely seeing things materializing yet. You could have others expressing some concern in your decisions but this is YOUR life choices to make! No matter what happens to come your way this week, you'll be able to come to the best conclusion to get what you want and need for the long term! Just make sure you know what it is you're after or you could second guess yourself!

Sagittarius - Death reversed
Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)- Your ruling planet Jupiter recently moved into Cancer and your 8th house of transformation, you can feel the change coming but you might not be sure if you're ready. Don't fight it, it really will be for the better. Even if it seems as though you are being tested, you'll be able to prosper if you're willing to open yourself up to other ways of doing things. In death there is still a celebration of life! If you've felt stuck, this week will definitely allow you to see that there is always a chance to make things different. You just have to work at it!

Capricorn - Nine of Swords
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)- The week might start off a little frustrating with your ruling planet Saturn squaring off with Venus. Things might not be what they seem, or you just don't want to face the facts. If others are trying to give you some advice, it might be good to actually take it and not view it as though they are trying to tell you what to do or that they are being judgemental! It's time to let down some walls. You don't need to feel like you can't have a bad day or that you have to do everything on your own. You won't be seen as weak, just human.

Aquarius - Lovers reversed
Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)- Commitments could be strained and you might even end up letting someone down if you aren't careful or you might be feeling let down by others. But if you're honest, that is what is most important! Take responsibility for what you stand for even if it means others might not agree with you, you shouldn't question your feelings. Things may not be what they appear to be and you'll need to be mindful that you don't rush towards your decisions just to feel like you have an answer. Approach things slowly this week or you could feel like you're hitting a brick wall!

Pisces - Page of Wands reversed
Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)- Your mind will be racing this week and you could be seeing agendas more clearly. You'll need to decide if it's worth the fight if you've found that your integrity is being questioned. While you may be able to put on a good face with things, don't allow others to make you feel less than you know you're worth! Even if you feel it's necessary to let things go, there'll still be a feeling that things are far from finished. Don't force yourself to make a change if you aren't ready. You'll have plenty of time to choose which path to take!

Alrighty then... once again, another week of Tarotscopes! And now that some of the house stuff is out of the way, I *should* be able to get some of these half post drafts finished up too... especially since I've had so much more inspiration from some people just asking me some questions about things lately too! So I plan on getting those together and HOPEFULLY getting my darn blog template finished up too. And as always if you would like me to take a look at things for ya; drop me a message at my email or facebook!

Have a great week!