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Check This Deck! Magical Times Empowerment Cards

Magical Times Empowerment Oracle Cards
Magical Times Empowerment Oracle Cards
I've been working a little more with oracle decks lately... Sometimes it's GOOD to branch yourself off from the more traditional Tarot! And I stumbled upon Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma; this positively GORGEOUS and obviously underrated deck (there's only 20 reviews for it on Amazon!) a little while back!

Like a good number of oracle decks, it comes with 44 cards. 44 is a master number in numerology and it's 44/8 vibrational energy is one of divine inspiration, discipline, sacrifice, self-love, transformation, and balance. Makes pretty good sense for oracle decks, right?! The 28 page LWB that comes with, has the cards listed in alphabetical order and includes the phrase on the card as well as a slight expansion. There isn't too much about reading the cards other than a standard 1 card pick, an empowerment 3 card spread that basically read as a PPF 3 card spread, and a 5 card element spread. I'll get more into reading the cards in a sec!

The images are fantasy based with fairies, mermaids, dragons, unicorns, animals, etc.. The coloring of the images is watercolor based so is a little softer, but still has dynamic depth to it. The backs are equally as stunning and a whole lot more vibrant! There is a nice "flow" through the cards and there isn't any one that seems to stick out like a sore thumb! While the size of the cards are slightly larger, I didn't have all that much trouble shuffling! The backing of the cards have a nice "grippy" feel to them, but the cards do feel somewhat flimsy.. although, I am one to riffle my decks and it didn't have too much of a bend to them so I'm hoping they will hold up over time! The little flip box they come in is definitely sturdy and pretty cute!

So as far as reading with this deck.. In the little white book it mentions reading the cards reversed. For some reason I have NEVER had good luck with reading oracle decks in this way, but if it works for you, do it to it! Some spreads are proving to work really well, while others seem to lead to some rather confusing information (this might end up resulting in another post actually!), but it definitely has been giving some incredibly accurate reads when the spread seems to "agree" with the cards! Hey, some decks can be picky like that! One of the more interesting reads I've been doing with it has been 6 month overviews. They have been proving time and again with clients to be more than helpful! Here's one I did a while back for someone!

She's a couple months into the reading and things are really matching up with the information that was provided and has made for a VERY transforming time a lot more easier to manage! 

I like the way that the information is given through the cards as well. It isn't "in your face", but it definitely isn't "fluffy" either. It's simplistic and precise. And overall I can say it'll be a deck I can see myself working with regularly! So if you've been looking for a new oracle deck I HIGHLY recommend giving this one a try!!

If you would like a reading using the Magical Time Empowerment Cards, or have any other questions or suggestions, you can send me a message at facebook or my email!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Many Blessings!!

Andi's Tarot/Lenormand Daily Draw

Tarot & Lenormand Daily Draw
For a while now I've been having awesome reads with the Lenormand! I'm not sure I really expected something differently! LOL! And since I just love them so much, I've incorporated them into my daily draw for myself!

I start every day with this spread. I actually try to journal theses every day too (when I don't stack 6 books on top of my journal!) so I can go back and compare and see where trends hit with what's happening astrologically. For me, EVERYTHING is connected! And I've got this smidgen of mad scientist in me that feels the need of proof... Actually it might not be as much proof as needing to make sure I'm still "on par" with myself! It's nice to be able to go back and see where I could have looked at something in a different way if needed be. Sometimes you have to look to the past to have a better recognition of what's coming in the future. So here's how it's done!

First you'll need a Tarot deck and a Lenormand deck, obviously. I like using Legacy of the Divine Tarot with the Gilded Reverie Lenormand. Honestly, once the cards got into the groove of things they have resulted in some of the prettiest reads since the coloring almost always matches in a harmonious blend!

So, take your Tarot deck and shuffle away thinking about your day.. what you want to accomplish, what might be a distraction, etc. When you're ready, cut the deck. Take the top card of each stack; 1st stack card to the left, 2nd stack card to the right. The card to your left will be your focus of the day, the card to the right will be your challenge. Take your Lenormand deck; shuffle and then fan the cards face down. Draw your first card and place it under the first Tarot card and then pick your 2nd card and place it next to the other Lenormand card and under the 2nd Tarot card. The Lenormand cards are more or less WHAT IS, or what it will end up being like for the day.. or for whatever reason when I started doing this spread, my guides had called them "presents".

Now as far as how to read them.. Just start with the pairs. First the Tarot and then the Lenormand. So for a really super quick rundown of this day's draw, it looks like I'll be focused on bringing to light what I need to go after more substantially, but my challenge will be not to lose sight of what's most important. Lenormand says: the knowledge may be difficult to be applied! Then I will read them vertically.. The knowledge is there, stick with what you know. Then reading them diagonally, and finally I will read them in groupings of 3 with the top or bottom cards with one of the right or left cards as the center; so this could be 8 of Wands, Book or Mountain, 5 of Swords; or Book, 8oW/5oS, Mountain. Again I get the same stand with what you know, work towards what you want. I could go a little more into the 5 of Swords thoughts that I have as well, but I wanted to keep the interpretation light!

So ok, this makes sense for me because after Friday's Leo Full Moon, I kinda thought "gee, I should maybe shake things up a little!?". But now that the weekend has come to a close, I'm seeing that that's not really the case... and I KNOW where I really need to be putting my focus! And that's how I've been doing my daily draws for the last couple months! It's been serving up great info, so I definitely wanted to pass it along!

If you don't have a Lenormand deck yet, you can still do the daily draw with just the Tarot and use just the 2 cards for your focus and challenge of the day! I hope you give this spread a try and let me know how your results turn out!

Enjoy your week!


Full Moon in Leo ~ Snow Moon

Elsa from Frozen by SnowBite
What a fantastic night Valentine's Day will be with the sultry Leo Full Moon illuminating this romantic evening! Even for those without a partner the Snow Moon shows that gratitude for what IS, is what's important. Especially as earlier in the day the Moon makes a square to Saturn in Scorpio making us dig deep at our core level! I don't know about you guys, but my daughter is in LOVE with Frozen. I do have to say, it was a rather refreshing Disney movie for a change! And if you've seen the movie, you could see some similarities with what'll be happening with this Moon!

The fiery Leo Full Moon burns with an intensity! But with Mercury retrograde happening right now as of the 6th, you might be feeling a need to hold back.. But you also know you need to Let It Go! Maybe just not yet! Or if you do manage to break through, with the Aquarius influence you probably feel that you're doing it for the greater good! Another thing with this month is there is no New Moon!! Think about it as a snowstorm.. You get the advisory notice, everyone runs to the store and then sits and waits for what might or might not be a blizzard! LOL!

The New Moon on March 1st in the last sign of Pisces bringing the beginning to the end as the next New Moon in the 1st sign of Aries occurs at the end of the month on the 30th! So while this Full Moon might bring about some drama.. stand strong and proud! And be ready to get more of what you want! Leo energy can be a little selfish, but that's ok.. sometimes we need that!

But if you're needing a little self love for yourself and want to bring about some strength and determination back.. try this!

✪ Spell for Self-Empowerment ✪
Items Needed: This is somewhat up to you.. this can be done simply with meditation. But you might want to use a pink or white candle if you'd like to draw more of a focus and a piece of paper and a pencil if you want to put a little more energy into things too! If you'd like to enchant an item you could choose a ring or necklace of blue lace agate or rose quartz, or any other stone with properties you'd like to draw upon!

*Like with any working, you might want to take a bath and place some salt in it as well to draw out any negativity, or a shower and visualize the water bathing you in white light!

Start by lighting your candle. Simply gaze at it's flame and feel the energy that emits from the heat. Carry that feeling as you think of your passions, what you fight and stand for. Now, think also of the things that seem to hold you back and how this can have you feeling both "frozen" and also enraged. Bring light to the struggles!

Take this energy and write down what you feel is holding you back! Put any insecurities down. Anything that you feel isn't going to be of any help, but that you have to deal with. It's time to let it go!!! 

After you're done, take a second to look at your list.. and then say "NO MORE!" and tear it to shreds!!!! Then throw it up into the air and make it snow! (Be careful none catches on fire from your candle if you've used one!) 

If you're putting your energy into an item, hold it in your hand now and then say;

"I am divinely perfect with love bursting from my soul, 
Courageous and determined to reach my goal. 
Shedding away my fears of yesterday, 
I step into my being and embrace the confidence that's here to stay!"

Put your item on and begin to clean up your "snow". If you can dispose of it outside the house, the better. You can leave your candle to burn if you'd like to have some more confidence flowing, or you can snuff it and burn it again later.

I hope this Full Moon brings you closer to your dreams and strengthens you belief in yourself!! And if you would like some help personalizing your own energy work or if you'd like me to take a look at what you can expect over the next moon cycle, take a look at my services page or send me a message at my email or facebook and I’d be happy to assist you!

Many Blessings!!

Scrubbing the Soul!

Fluffy Vanilla Patchouli Eggnog Scrub
Day 3 of the new year and the weekend is upon us! The first day I usually take it to relax and generally just watch some movies with the kids. The second day though, I go into all out planning mode! And I love that while I'm super stoked and motivated to get things done, I also want a little bit of that calmness. So since I had planned out a good chunk of my calendar, and started on a writing project; I figured my next step was to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes! Then while I was quick stepping along.. ok it did briefly look like THIS when my husband and son came into the room and I felt the need to bust a move; thankfully I didn't bust my ass! But it suddenly occurred to me that I needed to make a scrub! I went back to that whole feeling of wanting to keep the motivation, but definitely needing to mellow out a little! But it was sorta starting to be more than that too.. I wanted something to still remind me of the holiday season. To give me that warm fuzzy feeling! I figured while I was at it I'd add a little magick into it of course!

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and matters of prosperity, luck, and expansion. The Moon moved into Aquarius and is good for making connections! And since we're in the waxing cycle, it's the best time in bringing things too us! Vanilla immediately came to mind, since anything vanilla reminds me of baking, but it used as a GREAT pick me up. Cinnamon can help amplify any working and is used for vitality, prosperity, protection, and psychic awareness. But you do NOT want to use cinnamon in essential oil form, as it is highly irritating to skin! Patchouli is also multi-functional and I didn't want my scrub to be too sugary sweet, so I thought the earthiness would bring a nice undertone to the scent. Plus it's been one of my go to scents since I was a teen, so I knew it was going to be added. Nutmeg is used for clairvoyance and divination so I figured with the Aquarius energy, I'd like to use it to "tap in" a little more! Plus, you can't have eggnog without a little nutmeg! And eggnog's magickal properties include fertility, new beginnings, transformation, the future, prosperity, mood boosting and about keeping traditions! So here's how it's made!

1 c. epsom salts
1/3 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
a smidge of nutmeg
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1/2 tsp. water (optional)
2 Tbsp. egg nog
7 drops vanilla essential oil
4 drops patchouli essential oil

I started by putting my epsom salt, sugar, cinnamon, and olive oil in my Ninja Master Prep (THANKS MOM!). Using it makes it a little easier since I can just use it straight from the container and not have to find something else to put it into! After pulsing that a few times and mixing it up, I'll add a little water. I don't like my scrubs to be super dry. I like to have a little bit of moisture, but still have it be able to retain it's structure without breaking it down. I wouldn't add more than a teaspoon of water though. Then add your essential oils and mix again!

By now it should have about the scent and consistency you're looking for! But wait, where's the eggnog!? Here's where it get's interesting! Pour your eggnog into your scrub, take a fork and whip it up! You don't have to vigorously mix it, but the picture I took was the final consistency of what it should look like. Sorry it sucks, I am so not a photographer!! But lemme tell you.. this scrub feels absolutely DIVINE. Like a gritty silk pie or whipped cream! For a scrub, it works double duty and even while it's exfoliating you're getting a great lathering of moisture!

So if you happen to have a little bit of eggnog left over and you just can't bring yourself to have one more cup... switch it up into a scrub and give yourself a little bit of indulgence!

If you're looking for some good books to get started on making your own beauty products.. you know minus all the chemicals and whatnot! Here are a few I recommend checking out!

The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood
Enchantments: 200 Spells for Bath & Beauty Enhancement by Edain McCoy
Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham
Natural Beauty at Home by Janice Cox

BTW.. more good stuff will be on the way shortly!!

Have a great weekend!