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The Magick of Mudras

Yesterday I went to a book store I've been meaning to go to for a while. Haslam's has been family owned and run for many years and boasts a large used, and new, book selection. I definitely was impressed and scored myself some books that had that nice old, musty smell to them! While I was there I looked through just about every section.. thankfully they have 4 cats in the building, so the kids were even more amused. I was in the Buddhist/Eastern Studies area when I saw a book with a pretty cover.. Oh yes, I'm a very visual person.. I have had limited experience with mudras with some yoga and meditations, but never really looked into them too much. So while standing there thumbing through the book, I can only imagine my look with my jaw dropping more and more as I realized just how many mudras there really are and how much I do them unintentionally at times!

Mudras are a symbolic or ritual gesture and can involve the entire body, but most, and the more well known, are performed with the hands and fingers. They can be seen in many artworks and statues across many Eastern cultures and have been practiced and in use for thousands of years. Within yoga, holding a mudra while practicing pranayama (rhythmic breathing), you may stimulate different parts of the body while affecting the flow of prana in the body. There are many uses for mudras, as a form of spirituality, but also within healing practices as well!

When using a mudra, you will want to hold the finger positions with both hands. This will provide a more powerful effect, and will be more "balancing" than just using one hand. Also, try holding the mudra for as long as possible for the best results! However, we might not always have an hour a day to sit aside for a meditation. Especially when you might feel you need it at around 2 PM but you have deadlines to meet, kids to feed, and you know it'll be more like 10 PM when you get to meditate without an upset! You can also try spacing them out throughout the day for a 10-15 minute break! Sometimes those short "mini-meds" are just as good as the long ones!

There is a gentle beauty found within the mudras. Some are so simple you can do them inconspicuously right in front of people! I hope you will explore their influence and see what magick they can bring into your life! You may already be experiencing them, without already knowing it! I know I was pleasantly surprised at what I had read and even MORE surprised by the prompt I received with my $54.54 bill!!! Spirit works in some wondrous ways! I welcome any questions at facebook or email that you may have on the information I've found on mudras, meditating, spirituality or anything metaphysical!

Ask Andi Witchy Wednesday

Phew! A week has gone by pretty fast! I have been working on some more blog posts though so they can be expected shortly! But, as I've said.. Wednesday's are going to be devoted to answering questions. I'm going to try to stick to that! This week's is a good one!! :)

Hi Andi!
I've been working on my psychic abilities for the last 2 years. Things have been GREAT and I've learned so much about myself, my family, friends, and just life. But now things have done a 180 and I feel like I'm getting absolutely NOTHING from them! Like POOF they're all just gone!! My angels and guides are quiet. I can't seem to read my tarot anymore. My crystals just feel blah. WHAT IS GOING ON?! My life feels like it's a total mess now and nothing makes sense! Please help!!

Blessed Be!

Hey there Kelley! You've fallen into a "trap"!! LOL! Your abilities haven't gone anywhere. But the Universe may be telling you that you need to trust in yourself more and NOT THE TOOLS! This can happen with me too if I try to read my Tarot on something I really already know the answer to.. and all the while my guides say "DUH, you already KNOW the answer!!". Take a step back and re-assess things. ARE they really gone or are you trying to get an answer that you WANT rather than what you know to be true? Are you trying to get an answer because you just want an instant answer without having to do the work you know is involved?

You're saying your life isn't making sense, but I'm guessing that isn't just with your abilities at this time. It would be nice if we all got a manual with step 1, 2, 3 of our life's direction, but then it really wouldn't be much of an experience!! Take some time away from the tools and start from scratch when you first started learning to TRUST YOUR INTUITION! Everything else will start falling into place again when you STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF! :)

This is true for everyone.. even those who think they have no psychic abilities. Because really, we're all born with these qualities within us. I wake up with a mantra every day... I will be the best intuitive psychic that I can be and will help as many people as I can throughout my day!!

Many Blessings!!!! (and keep sending those questions!)

Ask Andi Witchy Wednesday

Kuan-Yin, Goddess of Compassion Giclee Poster Print, 18x24Wednesday's are now going to be dedicated to blogging about the questions I receive! If you have a psychic, metaphysical, new age, spiritual question that you haven't been able to find an answer to.. send it my way! Please let me know beforehand, if you DO NOT want your question published to the blog. If I do choose your question, you'll know anyways!! It may be easiest to contact me through Facebook, but I do check my emails regularly throughout the day. So without any further ado...

Dear Andi,
I'm a 24 year old Pagan and due to the economy, I'm moving back in with my mother and sister. They somewhat know of my beliefs and don't entirely know what to think about them. I want to be respectful of their home, but I'm not sure how to bring up my practices with them! Please help!!!

Love and Light,

This is something that can come about in soooo many ways! Dorm roommates in college is definitely one I see quite a bit. If you have your own room, it's not so bad because at least you can shut the door!! But if there's someone else you share a room with, leaving your athame or tarot cards out on your altar, or even dresser, might not be ideal! You will need to discuss what is the most pressing issues.

If they don't want you doing rituals.. you'll either need to explain it's more like a prayer and even offer to show what it is you'll be doing beforehand. If it's still a question on whether or not it's ok, ask if it would be better if it were done when she or your sister weren't home. IF, it's a flat out NOT IN MY HOUSE type of thing.. you'll need to respect that and will maybe need to find somewhere else to practice. Remember, the influence of others in your environment can greatly affect things! If your more faced with a don't ask, don't tell situation; that's really up to you in whether or not you want to open that can! ;) You'll need to trust the bond you have with your family in knowing what they can handle.

If it's more about the tarot cards or "tools", and it's just because they're out.. put them away! In the extreme circumstance that your family is fighting you every step of the way and it's something to them they're staunchly against, you may need to find somewhere to safely store your items until you have your own home again. There is no need to create an all out spirituality battle between your family!

You are going to be re-merging your energy back into a household you haven't been in for a while. And remember, for a time, this will be YOUR home too! You need to make sure you're comfortable as well. If everyone is walking on egg shells, the whole family home environment will suffer. As always with everything; communication is key!!

I hope this may help anyone out there that might be faced with a similar situation! I've been in a few myself and there's many, many ways to keep things in balance for all involved! If you need some more suggestions, feel free to contact me!

Many Blessings & have a Witchy Wednesday! :)

Your Psychic Pendulum

I get a lot of requests for teaching Tarot and about half of my students give up at some point! "There's too much memorization" or "I just can't make that connection to the cards" comes up quite a bit. And I tell ALL of my students; if you don't have a pendulum.. GET ONE!! Out of all divination tools, the pendulum HAS to be one of the simplest! There's no memorization needed of any kind. Heck, there's not very much training involved to get started! By the time you finish reading this, you should be more than ready to start using a pendulum!

Pendulums can be made out of a variety of materials, in a quick pinch you can use a necklace... I've used a piece of floss and a paperclip at work once! They can be extremely elaborate with crystals and beads or just as simple! There is an old wives tale of predicting an unborn babies sex by making a pendulum with taking a piece of the mother's hair and her wedding ring and holding it over the belly to see which way it swings! Pendulums can be seen throughout history and many cultures. I won't bore you with history though.. there's plenty of articles out there on it!

Choosing a pendulum is like any other magickal item you would use. There are quite a few you can buy from the internet... And that's very well fine and good since you'll be "programming" it with your energy anyways! But with any tool you use, sometimes it really can be best to have it in hand when you buy it! And as always, making it yourself makes it that much more YOURS!

You'll need to decide what type of pendulum you'd like. If you're just starting out, a plain metal one might be best so that you can get a feel of not only how the pendulum's energy is, but also how yours merges with it. If you've worked with crystals, you may choose one that resonates well with you. I have a few pendulums that I use. My primary one is citrine. I feel it just gives more more mental clarity and helps me form my questions better! When my focus is geared more towards utilizing the healing capabilities a pendulum has, I will use my clear and rose quartz! If I am looking into spirituality matters, an amethyst pendulum. Pendulums can be used for a whole lot more than just asking questions, I'll get to that in a few!

Once you have your pendulum, you'll need to cleanse and program it. Cleansing it can be as simple as holding it under cold, running water. Also, with crystal pendulums, sea salt rubbed on beforehand will help any negativity to "bond" to the salt and be washed away with the water! **Make sure if you use salt, your crystals won't react! IF you choose a metal pendulum, DO NOT USE SALT!! It may turn it black and won't look very pretty!** You will then want to spend a moment with your pendulum in simple meditation.

1. Find a comfy spot to sit, hold your pendulum cupped in your hands. Take a few deep breaths and as you inhale, feel yourself filling with pure white energy. Feel it coming through the top of your head.. you may experience it as a waterfall, with the energy flowing quickly; or the energy may also travel a little slower. I've had people say sometimes the energy they pull in feels more like hot fudge! Warm and thick! Everyone is different and that's OK! .. the energy will travel through you and out your feet into the Earth. Now visualize the energy coming from the Earth, back through your feet and to your heart (more the center of your body, but visualizing the heart area gives the same intent). This is a "meeting point" for energy and how ALL energy is directed. Feel the energy flow through your arms, out your hands, and into the pendulum.

2. You may want to ask that it only be used with pure intent or say a little chant to infuse your energy in. JUST REMEMBER: There really is no RIGHT or WRONG way to charge magickal tools! It's all dependent that our energy and our intentions are positive and aligned with our Higher Selves. The power and magick is always within the person, NOT THE TOOLS!!!

3. Figure out how your pendulum "talks". First ask it to show you a "yes". After it starts to move, ask "Is this a yes?". Then repeat for a "no". Most, but NOT all, will swing back and forth for a yes; and side to side for a no. When a pendulum doesn't know, or when you may need to re-phrase your question it can swing erratically in a circle. I've also had people tell me a yes is shown to them as clockwise circling, no as counter-clockwise circling, and re-phrase is back and forth! Your spirit will know what is right for you. Pick a few yes and no "test" questions that you know the answers to such as your name and age. It is important that you never try to force an answer. You may try asking your questions in a different manner if the answer you're getting doesn't make sense.. but trying to get an answer that you just WANT.. WON'T WORK! If you don't want to know the truth, don't ask a pendulum!!

When you begin to phrase your questions, it can be really easy to think something like "Will I find love?". Well this can be tough, because what if you just LOVE that limited edition ice-cream that you happened to buy today?? Or "Should I buy this house?". You could buy the house, but it might have an endless amount of problems that you might not have thought about asking about and the inspector might have missed! It's really important to make sure you are phrasing your question properly to get the answer you're really looking for! The more detailed, the better! Vague questions usually produce the same in answers.

If you intend to use your pendulum for healing you can have the person in front of you or use a picture of them. You will need to make sure you have permission from them to perform the healing!! NEVER try to heal someone without asking them first! Then ask your pendulum if they CAN be healed. Sometimes, there are reasons for illness that need to be addressed before a healing can happen. If you do receive permission from the person and the pendulum, you can then focus the energy that comes through you and into your pendulum, out into the person to heal. Ask if the person has accepted the healing and then thank your guides and the healing light. If you are needing to try and find a proper treatment, you may make a list and then hold your pendulum over it to find the yes or no!

Pendulums can be used for a number of things! Finding a lost item, finding the perfect job or place to live... there are many different techniques that can be used! The main purpose is connection to your Higher Self which will always give you guidance in the direction you need to grow! You will need to cleanse and "re-charge" your pendulum periodically. To have the absolute BEST results always, keep your pendulum in a pyramid. Like all magickal tools, your pendulum will love soaking up the rays of the Full Moon!

Listed below are a few goodies!! I welcome any questions you may have about using a pendulum and can be contacted here or at Facebook!

Many Blessings!!