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Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Cards Review

So things have been a little hectic; shoot when AREN'T they when you've got 2 kids under the age of 2?! LOL! My last post was actually 10 days before I had my daughter! But now that all the Summer fun and excitement is slowing down into the nice rhythm that Fall brings, I'm hoping to be able to put some more time back into the blog! I have been working on some things and trying out some new techniques, which is great because sometimes it's nice to get out and do things a little different! So I plan on letting y'all know on my findings. Which brings me to this post!

The last few months I've been working with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine's Angel Tarot Cards. For those of you who might not know of Doreen's work, rather than me gush over how much I LOVE The Lightworker's Way or her Angel Therapy Oracle Cards, you can learn more about her at her website

So before doing anything with the cards, even looking at them... I'll clear the deck of unwanted energy. Who knows how long they might have been in a box absorbing any energy around!?! I'll hold it in my left hand (receiving hand) and tap it once lightly with the knuckles of my right hand (sending hand). This is mentioned within the book with the cards, but I have been doing it that way for years. Then I charge the deck with Reiki, bless it with some sage, and ask for the deck to guide me with true knowledge and intent.

The artwork by Steve A. Roberts is absolutely STUNNING! It's one of the reasons I had to have the deck! But I have to be honest. I didn't immediately click with them when I started off. Maybe it is because of the hype I'd heard of them being "safe" and I was expecting it to be a little different. I actually had put off buying the deck because of that reason! So I'll say this; I don't think you can really have a "safe" deck. That's kinda like saying you have a "safe" relationship. What kind of depth would be there then?? I guess a better way to explain it is that the information is just given in a gentler way! Take for instance the description on the 5 of Water (cups); it says, "Things not turning out the way you'd hoped. Not seeing the positive in a situation. Crying over spilled milk." Rather than an in your face approach, it's more like a good friend that doesn't want to come right out and say you're being a complete idiot about something and you just need to use your head a little more! LOL!

There's some things that I don't think would entirely be that good for someone that doesn't have a competent  knowledge of the Tarot even though there are interpretations on the cards. For one, some of the standard card names have been altered. The Fool has been renamed "The Dreamer", the Hierophant is called "Unity", Hanged Man is renamed "Awakening", Death is "Release", Temperance becomes "Balance", the Devil is "Ego", the Tower is "Life Experience" and Judgment is "Renewal". I don't see any problems in these changes. They really do fit rather well within the readings I've been using the cards for and they give some VERY accurate information! Also in this deck the Justice card is card eight and Strength is card eleven, which IS the traditional placement; however most decks these days have them reversed. So this could throw you off if it isn't something you've encountered before. Here is what is comprised of the Major Arcana and the angels that have been assigned to the cards...

0- The Dreamer (Archangel Metatron)
1- The Magician (Archangel Raziel)
2- The High Priestess (Archangel Haniel)
3- The Empress (Archangel Gabriel)
4- The Emperor (Archangel Michael)
5- Unity (Archangel Sandalphon)
6- The Lovers (Archangel Raphael)
7- The Chariot (Archangel Metatron)
8- Justice (Archangel Raguel)
9- The Hermit (Archangel Raziel)
10- The Wheel (Archangel Michael)
11- Strength (Archangel Azrael)
12- Awakening (Archangel Gabriel)
13- Release (Archangel Azrael)
14- Balance (Archangel Zadkiel)
15- Ego (Archangel Jophiel)
16- Life Experience (Archangel Chamuel)
17- The Star (Archangel Jophiel)
18- The Moon (Archangel Haniel)
19- The Sun (Archangel Uriel)
20- Renewal (Archangel Jeremial)
21- The World (Archangel Michael)

Now, I gotta say there's a couple things that I don't like about the deck... hey, this is a review after all! For one, it's HUGE! They're about an inch wider and half an inch taller than most standard decks. It doesn't make shuffling easy, that's for sure! Or maybe I just have small hands? LOL! The other major thing I don't like is the back. Since I use reversals in my readings, I don't like being able to tell which is upright and what is reversed from the back of a card. It's rather apparent when you have an upside down angel looking at you! But really those are the only two things I can say that I don't like!

They are exceptionally well made though and the card stock seems a little thicker than some other flimsy decks. The care and research that went into the deck creation is more than apparent! Of course the imagery is what is most important to me and the emotions evoked from them. Which is why I was wanting to purchase the deck in the first place! I put a few up of some of my faves and you can see a good sampling of cards by doing a quick search on Google or go over to Aeclectic Tarot! It does NOT do them justice though as they are vibrant and glossy! Some may be concerned that there really isn't all that much symbolism included in them like other decks. But I didn't find that to be a hindrance of any sort! I do also really like how it's more elemental based too as someone who works with astrology and magick it's just something I'm aware of when taking into consideration the energies that are associated!

Overall it's definitely a deck I can work with regularly. Would I say it's my favorite? No, probably not! But it'll be one that I'll have on hand and know that I'd be able to rely on! I do think I found my NEW favorite though as I picked up a brand new deck the other day and it has NOT left my side since I got it; I won't tell you what it is yet because I plan on working with it a little more and then posting about it shortly!

If you would like a reading using the Angel Tarot, or any of my services, you can send me a message at facebook or my email!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Many Blessings!!!!


Geena said...

Hi! I love these cards too. I do think they are too thick though, makes it hard to shuffle them. As a result I find myself separating the major arcana from the minor arcana. Otherwise I can't shuffle them LOL

I really like most of the images but a few of the angels seem to muscular and human to me. I don't know why I'm getting caught up in that. What are your thoughts?

Lady Blue Le Marq said...

The imagery of the cards are nice; they, however, don't really resonate with me. My mom suggested giving them a chance and I did, but I still get the same feeling. While the imagery is beautiful and intricate in a lot of the cards, I found it to be distracting when I trying to do a reading. Happy you like them.

Two cards make the male figures look like they have makeup on, which are the King of Water and the Angel on the Lovers card. That put me off.

Andi Benandanti said...

I think in any deck you're going to find a few cards that feel out of place in a way. Like the creator had spent a little more time on some cards than others. I don't use this deck as my daily reader, but it is nice to use it sometimes since every deck is going to give you the information differently! :) I totally agree about the King of Water and the Lovers card with the makeup look. I'm not sure what's going on there! LOL! I do notice on some of the cards that the expressions seem to be a little "off" at times. It does a good job though, especially with certain clients it vibes with more! :)